Bending and Snapping Since ‘01

I want to start out by establishing that the hit 2001 romantic comedy “Legally Blonde” is one of my all-time favorite movies. I watch it at least once a month, or really anytime I need a pick-me-up. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t talk about the fact that Elle Woods and Bruiser Woods are both Gemini vegetarians, or whoever said that orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!

Besides the obvious chic circa 2000s outfits, memorable quotes, and the coveted “bend and snap,” this movie has some serious moxie!

Elle starts off the movie with heartbreak, after her expected proposal dinner turns into a break-up with her boyfriend Warner. However, by the end of the movie, Elle has completely transformed and is more independent than ever. She even manages to graduate top of her class, which the audience watches as the effortlessly catchy song “Perfect Day” by Hoku plays out.

Throughout the course of the movie, Elle uses her intelligence, social skills and the trust of her gut while she works to find her place at Harvard Law School. Not to mention the much-needed, gossip-ridden weekly manicures from Paulette.

I try to live my life as if I were Elle Woods, and while this may sound vain and materialistic to some, allow me to explain. Elle Woods is not just a pretty pink blonde who will crash her car when in desperate need of a manicure, she’s a genuinely empathetic and determined woman fueled by what she wants.

I think there is something to be said about how looks can be deceiving and while they sometimes work to give you power, they are nothing if not backed up by a strong sense of self. I try and use this philosophy to exercise my love of fashion and style, along with my passion for education.

Elle Woods is also a huge inspiration for me when it comes to being a better person and exhibiting kindness. Although she was put in a lot of rough situations, she never chose the option to get ahead over what she knew was right. Whether she was being denied entry to the evil Vivian’s study group or feeling threatened to reveal Brooke Taylor’s alibi, Elle always chose to do the right thing and to treat people with respect no matter what. I try to follow her lead and do the same with everyone I meet, even when I can tell they need some serious highlights.

I watch “Legally Blonde” as a way to remind me to have fun and go get the things I want. Like Elle, I want to be able to ignore all those who stand in my way and express myself as I see fit. If that comes at the price of losing a boring Harvard boyfriend, so be it!

More often than not, my bold and colorful outfits are what get me noticed and help me stand out in a crowd. However, I make sure it is my dedication and persistence that keeps me memorable. This is one of my favorite things I’ve taken away from my countless viewings of “Legally Blonde” and that I’ve implemented into my life. Well, that and the fact that my resume is pink and scented!

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