Comfort In My Comfort Zone

The comfort zone can be like the devil and angel on your shoulder. Meaning it can help you in making the right choice from doing something that could be actually harmful to us; however, in the same breath it can also be the devil preventing us from having new experiences. I always say it’s important to try everything once because the worst that happens is you realize it’s not for you.  This zone is a wonderful place to fall back on, but we need to try new things to expand this zone. It should never stay the same your whole life.

As humans we can achieve happiness from solving problems. Not only earth shattering problems, like figuring out your next step in life, but also in solving problems like how to decide between pizza and Chipotle for dinner.  Problem solving is how we achieve those moments of bliss and happiness- and let’s face it, there are always problems going on. The good news is we always have opportunities to achieve happiness.  When we don’t look for the times that require decision making we stay stagnant in our comfort zone.  We don’t experience any new situation to overcome a problem if we don’t put ourselves out there.  

We may be happy now in our bubble, but we won’t forever.  Think about it.  I most definitely do not have the same comfort zone as I did when I was 13.  While there are things that carry through, we have to constantly expand our limits in order to grow.  I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing within the past few years.  College is the ultimate experience for expanding your comfort zone, and I feel like I have succeeded in this.  I am content right now with my zone, however, I know next year going into “the real world” will be such a shock.  Most people tend to go to either extreme which is either relying completely on your comfort zone or completely reinventing yourself.  I think for me, it is important to find balance.  I have seen older friends, cousins, etc., struggle with this balance. 

 In my wide and vast knowledge of post grad life- i.e. movies and TV- this is the time to solidify who you are.  Depending on who you ask they will lean to either side- comfort zone forever, or sorry the old me cannot come to the phone right now.  I will seek comfort in things that keep me grounded and I thoroughly enjoy, but I can’t wait to take life by its horns. I have never had to go through more change than what will happen post-grad, so I know I will need the familiarity of my comfort zone, but I do hope that I will find new favorites. I definitely am scared for next year, but it’s more of a nervous-excited.  I don’t know who I will be next year with this immense change, but I do know one thing- I can’t wait.  

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