Manifesting a Better 2021

How would you describe 2020?

2020 was terrifying, painful, depressing and confusing. It was a year of the unknown – a year when our lives were paused.

Let’s leave all the bitter emotions of that year in the past. Let’s lay the year to rest. But let’s also recognize that 2020 gave us a layer of thick skin that shapes us to who we are today.

We had time to learn and reflect not only on ourselves but on those around us. The beginning of a new decade motivated me to actually follow through with resolutions, but that all went downhill. Now, it is hard for me to sit down and write my goals, especially after a year of chaos. I will affirm now more than ever that it is crucial not only for myself but for you to motivate your positive thoughts and manifest a year without confusion, hardships and hurt. Let’s speak into existence a year of positivity, happiness, motivation and peace.

I hope the few New Year’s Resolutions I have inspire you.


I will be a better friend. I will be a better girlfriend. I will learn to be a better listener. I will dedicate more time to my friends. I will dedicate a whole day once a week to my boyfriend. I will be kind. I will show my love through actions of affirmation. I will never have my boyfriend second guess whether I care or if I don’t. I will not go MIA on my friends. I will be my boyfriend’s safe place, my boyfriend’s home. I will make my friends feel comfortable enough for them to open up on their thoughts, problems or obstacles. I will work toward not reacting to temporary emotions. I will learn to be nice when all I want to do is be mean. I will learn that all of us deal with things differently. I will learn to show my family my not-so-tempered, impulsive  and sassy side.

Educational – GET THAT DEGREE

I have fantasized about my degree the minute I walked through the doors at Sacred Heart – LITERALLY. This May, fingers crossed, I will be graduating college with a bachelor’s in media arts with a concentration in journalism and minoring in political science. I will speak into existence an editor job in NYC upon graduation. Editing is what I like to do, but it isn’t where I’d like to stay in my career. I aspire one day to be a news reporter, but first, I will GET THAT DEGREE. Less than 100 days, but who’s counting!


Let me describe my 2020 wardrobe in a couple of words – oversized hoodies, sweatpants, Adidas track pants and Ugg slippers with an occasional switch up to Nike Air Max’s. I can’t do that this year. Although my 2020 wardrobe brought me great comfort, I believe that what one decides to wear every day may boost up one’s confidence. I am going to strive to look presentable and semi-professional and put my boyfriend’s oversized hoodies away. I want to wake up early, do my morning skincare routine, change and wear the most minimal amount of makeup.

If I could do that every day before my virtual classes, I’ll feel like I upped my self-care.

Self-care is important, and that’s why I want you to take time to do what you love, watch all the shows you enjoy, wear all the amount of make-up you want and look good for yourself.

With love, Cit.

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