The Beginning to an End

It is inevitable to believe that just because we are college seniors, our journey as students ends. In reality, we will always be students. We will always have something else to learn. We will always be taught something new.

As graduation is near, each student will take their own path. Despite the path, one must wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to fulfilling their life-long dream. While working toward the goal, it is okay to take a break. It is okay to stop and breathe. That’s what my professors at Sacred Heart taught me.

Prof. Joseph Alicastro taught me that you will not stay where you started. In other words, as individuals, we grow and try new things that allow us to branch out of our comfort zone. For example, as a freshman advisee, I remember walking into his office and making it known that I wanted to be a news anchor, no matter what. He helped me work toward that goal, and luckily, I was granted the opportunity of anchoring “The Pulse.”

It was at this moment that I realized that that wasn’t what I wanted to do for my whole life. I appreciate Prof. Alicastro for allowing me to get out of my comfort zone during a time of desperation and for helping me welcome a new passion – writing and editing.

I always knew that writing was my escape zone and I wanted to use it as a form to speak to others. I spoke my passion to Prof. James Castonguay, who instilled in me the importance of quality over quantity. It is not about how many blog posts or how many articles one writes, it’s about the quality of each.

Although it was hard for me to wrap my head around that ideology, I began to realize that in the job market, a potential employer will commend quality. Therefore, what’s the point of having endless articles written in poor quality? I thank Prof. Castonguay, as he pushed me to create well-thought-out pieces of work that speak and stand out to others.

During publishing written work, edits are critical. Prof. Joanne Kabak, during News Writing and Reporting, instilled in me the importance of re-reading and making essential edits. Prof. Kabak opened the doors for me to first become a writer for the Spectrum and then later become the news editor. Throughout my journey in the Spectrum, not only did I grow in my writing, but I allowed myself to fulfill my passion of both writing and editing. Most importantly, I was able to guide and mentor writers within my section. I thank Prof. Kabak for taking the time to edit my works and allowing that to be a learning process that I’ll cherish throughout my journalism career.

There are various organizations at this university that I’ll hold close to my heart. The Pulse and the Spectrum made my years at SHU memorable and allowed me to gain experience I would not have gained elsewhere.

The mentioned professors taught me an immense amount about the journalism industry, but as I step into the real world, I will be confronted with colleagues and bosses who will teach me even more than I already have been taught, and that’s when I’ll realize I will be a student my whole life. I immensely thank my professors for what they have taught and instilled in me. As Prof. Alicastro said to my classmates and me during our last class, do everything with your heart but be sure to take a break and breath.

This is just the beginning to an end.

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