Well, I Guess We Made It. Kind Of.

Ah, yes, the end. At least, the end to another fall semester.  It’s funny–this is my fourth fall semester, and I have so many questions. And some observations that maybe you noticed, too.

These questions came to me as I was driving home from my off-campus apartment. The Merritt Parkway was backed up (as usual) and I reminisced about the semester. No, maybe not reminisced–that implies that it was fairly enjoyable. I pondered the semester and how different it was from my previous ones.

Beginning with physical qualities: Who would have thought empty juul pod litter would be replaced by uninhabited masks blowing down Park Avenue? Not me. We finally got a parking garage. No more fighting over rectangular boxes or being late for class. Well, I don’t think anyone ever got to actually park in that garage. The only time I actually stepped foot in there was to spit in a cup behind a hard-plastic curtain. I think I got selected for random testing almost every week; can anyone else relate?

I guess that’s just an observation. Maybe you saw something different.

As for my questions, I hope to present answers. Maybe they aren’t the right answers or what you would have said, but that’s okay. Just some thoughts I need to get out of my head, so I can make room to study for finals.

Did we actually make it? Well, that’s where the “Kind Of” comes into play. As soon as we moved all online, I was out of Bridgeport. And I live off campus. I couldn’t imagine staying on campus after classes moved online. I mean, what would you actually do? Stay in your box and only leave to get food at designated dining hours? Oh, and don’t forget the odds of one of your neighbors actually having the virus. I would be paranoid and claustrophobic. I think the majority of on-campus students did end up leaving. So that makes me raise the question once again, did we make it?

How tall were your professors? I never thought I would have to ask or think about this question. But it’s true. For those students who were specifically online, or for those who had professors which held class only over Zoom, how tall were they? Isn’t that such a crazy question. I’m an English major, and I’m very grateful to be so close with a lot of my professors. And just to consider how some students might not even know the dimensions of their professors. I’m sorry. I guess it’s just how it has to be, at least for the time being.

Were you anxious? That your roommate would come down with a cough one day. Or that you would wake up, eat breakfast, and taste nothing. I know I was. Every morning I would have peanut butter and granola, a very specific and strong taste. Bold flavors only, to reassure myself that my taste buds were functioning.

Only three questions, that’s all I have for now. I know there are more. I’ve got to remember to write them down next time. After I’m done driving, of course. Thanks for letting me clear some space.

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