Where Are Our Souls?

Recently, I watched the Disney movie “Soul.” After watching this film, I can say it is highly worthy of seeing and absolutely worth the hype. I believe this is one of the most creative films I have seen Disney make in a long time. It is incredibly deep, and I think more people should watch it for multiple reasons.

There are so many relatable scenes, as well as many essential life lessons. I am not giving too many details away, but to summarize the film, it is about a man who has a strong passion for music and works his entire life to get a gig within the music industry. He fails multiple times, until he finally gets his chance. Immediately after he has the opportunity, he becomes unconscious and his soul travels where all the other souls are. His soul is so determined to make his life on earth meaningful that he is willing to do anything just to be back in his body. He ends up going on a journey with another soul and his job is to teach them why life is worth living. Along the way, he discovers life is not all about passion, it is about the little things that make you feel alive and present with yourself and everything or everyone around you.     

There are so many scenes throughout the film that resonate with me. However, there are two that resonate with me the most. One of them would be a scene where he plays piano for his audition where he finally gets the job. In this scene, a famous performer asks him to play, but does not give him a specific direction of how to play or what chords to play. He began to play from his heart and from what he felt from the piece. I admire this scene because I have a connection to piano. I took piano lessons for 11 years, and I am familiar with the feeling of getting lost in your music.

Sometimes there are moments where you’re just playing a song and you might not even know what you’re playing. You can make things up on the spot when you truly know what you’re doing or even when you’re feeling a certain emotion. I like to play when I need to express how I’m feeling because I am able to get my words out through music. That’s why this scene speaks to me. It gave me chills because I felt everything he felt through every chord and note.

Another scene that made me feel the same way would be when he was able to live again. He played alone and as he played, he created a montage in his mind of all the little things in life that he learned to appreciate even more. To name a few, he pictured childhood memories, riding his bike, feeling the breeze hit his face, laughing with his father, and even just having a bite of a meal and smiling about it. Everything about this entire scene made me appreciate every aspect of life, including the hard times we all go through because it is those moments that lead us to where we are. If we don’t appreciate those moments, how will our souls live on after we pass?

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