De-Stressing Finals

How are you handling the finals crunch time? Students have their own ways of dealing with the stress factor for finals starting on Dec. 11.

Freshman Claire McElhenny said, “I am currently very stressed about all the work I have coming up for finals which includes multiple essays and studying. Some things that I do to relieve this stress is to hang out with my friends because they take my mind off of all the work I have to do.”

Many students go to campus to de-stress with the activities the school provides during finals week. Some of the activities include playing with dogs, making stress balls, or hitting the gym.

“When I’m stressed, I tend to go to the gym to relieve anxiety,” said junior Jake Giaquinto. “It is a great way to take out the frustration from my workload. When the school plans activities, I like to go to those and relax as well especially when they bring dogs to play with.”

Senior Olivia Mittleman said, “I’m really stressed about finals. I like to take multiple study breaks, and hang out with my friends. I’m not on campus a lot so I don’t really do any of the de-stress activities there.”

On Dec. 10, the 63s dining hall will be holding a late night breakfast at 9 p.m. for all the students to grab a bite to eat before finals start on Tuesday.

Senior Anna Finn said, “I’m not too stressed over finals week right now. However, when I am stressing I tend to eat to relieve it. One thing I always look forward to is going to the late night breakfast. It’s great because everyone can go for free and it makes for a good break from any last minute studying.”

Is time management during finals week important when dealing with stress?

“Currently, I am not dealing with a lot of stress for finals due to the fact that I have made attempts to stay on top of my work throughout the semester to make this time of the year easier on myself,” said freshman Peter Callahan. “When I do get stressed, I like to hang out with my teammates to help me take my mind off of school. Also having family close by that I can go and hang out with really helps.”

Another event on Dec. 10 is a “de-stress” Spectrum event for students to attend from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. There will be stress balls being given away and a coffee station as well.

Callahan said, “I do think that the activities the school provides are helpful, yet I don’t utilize them. I like to remove myself from most things school-related when stressed, so I do not find these useful for me, personally.”

McElhenny said, “I haven’t been to many of the activities the school does to relieve stress. I have heard about the Spectrum event though and it does sound interesting and was going to see if some of my friends wanted to check it out. I feel like events like that could be helpful for dealing with the high workload students are dealing with. It just gives students a nice break.”

What are some tips for surviving finals week?

“Some things I like to try and stay on top of is making sure I get enough sleep and eat healthy meals during finals week,” said senior Danielle Karpiej.

“Nothing is worse than trying to finish a paper with zero energy. I also like to take little breaks in between studying and sometimes I’ll go to the gym as well just to get my mind off work for a little.”

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