How Students Are Staying Busy During Self-Quarantine

By Jared McCabe
Staff Writer 

Many university students say they are adjusting to online learning. 

Sophomore Carla Pereira said, “For the most part I’ve adjusted well. It took probably the first two weeks to get into a flow of having everything due at different times and managing my time better. It’s a little more of a struggle to be home with more distractions.”

Similarly, sophomore Gabriella Shank said, “Overall I have adjusted well. Just one class is giving a more excessive amount of classwork than we normally would have. I have four 4-to-5-page papers due, all within the same week.”

Along with schoolwork, some students are catching up with television shows.

Pereira said, “I have been catching up on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and some Netflix shows, and I’m about to start the series ‘All American.’ ”

Freshman Kimsorn Seng said, “I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos.”

On the other hand, making money is important to some.

Freshman Tori Suhy said, “I have not been binge-watching any shows. I am an essential worker, so I have been picking up a lot of extra hours.” 

Pereira said, “I am grateful that my job is still open, so I am able to help people and make extra money.”

Sometimes students say they make time for exercise.

Suhy said, “I have been going on a lot of walks and runs. I work out more often than I used to.” 

Some students’ pets are benefiting too.

Peirera said, “I take a walk with my dog as much as I can to get fresh air and take my mind off of schoolwork.”

Meanwhile sophomore Alex Bodio said, “Classes are going well. I’m just hanging out and not doing too much of anything. I am, however, trying to learn the piano.”

Many students say they are trying to put into perspective the recent events of the pandemic.

Sophomore Matt Kane said, “Adjusting to online classes has been somewhat of a struggle. I am a hands-on person and like interpersonal interactions. I am much better in a brick-and-mortar setting. But my struggle is petty considering the thousands that are struggling with testing positive for COVID-19, or those that have lost loved ones to the virus.”

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