Student’s Internship Experiences

Have you ever thought about taking steps to benefit your future career path?

“I plan on going to law school after undergraduate school,” said sophomore Edije Frangu, intern for the Connecticut General Assembly.

Many students say they have decided to take on internships to further their experience in their designated career fields.

“I know how much internships can help get your foot in the door for your future and how much experience you can gain from doing one,” said sophomore Nina Manganello, who will be interning at Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Additionally, students say their internship experience has had an impact on the organizations they are working for.

“I’m an intern for one of the legislators in Connecticut, so I pretty much gained direct experience within the legislative process,” said Frangu. “Especially because my designated legislator really allowed me to be involved in his work.”

Other students have had the opportunity of getting an internship through the help of Sacred Heart University’s academic instructors.

“I had the amazing opportunity to get an internship from Sacred Heart with Prof. Congdon to work with the organization of Sister Cities,” said first year graduate student Leslie Giraldo. “I was able to help Professor Congdon’s undergraduate class with their end of the year campaign and help with the edits of campaign proposals.”

Despite the experience that many students say they have obtained from their internships, others say it is difficult balancing their internship with their school workload.

“It’s honestly been really hard balancing my internship and classes because it almost feels like I never get a break,” said Frangu. “I’ll have class three days a week and then when I don’t have class I have my internship, so it’s hard to find that moment to stop and take a break.”

On the other hand, some students say they have not had difficulty in managing an internship and schoolwork.

“I never felt that it was difficult to juggle my internship and my schoolwork because I would only work during breaks or when I had days off in between my class schedule,” said senior Jayson Sementilli, who was a previous intern for William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty.

Many students say they have utilized the university’s career center to their full advantage in order to help prepare and strengthen their applications for internships.

“The career center has been a huge help with fixing my resume, cover letters, and preparing and offering internship opportunities that align with the career path that I’ve chosen,” said Sementilli.

According to Sacred Heart’s website, the Center for Career and Personal Development offers “assistance finding internships for which students may be able to earn academic credit, resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, and job skills development,” as well as other support to help students work toward pursuing their career path.

Many students say they have gained substantial opportunities from their internships.

“The opportunities that have come from my internship were to build my resume in leadership experience and to be able to use the skills I used in my graduate classes to help an undergraduate class create a wonderful learning opportunity for themselves and for Sacred Heart University,” said Giraldo.

Other students say they hope to obtain experience and opportunities from their upcoming internships.

“I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of the marketing industry itself, as well as skills I will use throughout my career,” said sophomore Nicole Capuano, who will be interning at Gameday Tailgate Experience during the summer.

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