Summer Break Plans

As you close up your laptop to finish your last final, you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. The stressful year you have powered through is finally over and the summer is yours. You start to pack up your dorm that you lived in for the year and head back home where you spend the next few months.  

But what does your summer look like?

“My plans for this summer include working a lot, due to me having to pay for my off-campus house next year, working out and spending time with my friends and family. I also plan on relaxing due to the stressful school year that I’ve had,” said sophomore Jordan Bortko.

Whether it is vacations, working or simply relaxing, students have different plans for their summer break.

Due to COVID-19, many students were not able to enjoy summer to its full potential last year, and working their usual summer jobs was a struggle due to many businesses not being open because of the pandemic.

“I will be working in a medical office this summer, which was postponed last summer due to COVID-19,” said sophomore Juliana Beaton.

Not only did COVID-19 prevent students from working at their summer jobs, it stopped them from doing things such as going on vacations and gathering with family and friends, which are summer activities that many look forward to most during their months off from school.

“This summer, I am planning to go to Aruba with my family, which we couldn’t do last summer,” said sophomore Jenna Dimech. “My brother is also planning on having a graduation party that my whole family will now be able to attend.”

Some students say they will keep in mind that COVID-19 is still very active, as well as the precautions that come with it. Others say they want to enjoy summer the way it used to be but will still remember to consider the importance of everyone’s health.

“I will still follow COVID-19 precautions during the summer by wearing a mask and keeping a safe six-feet distance from those who I am not associated with,” said sophomore Julia Cunningham.

In addition, leaving for summer break means leaving Sacred Heart for a few months. Students say they will miss many things while being away from campus for the summer.

“While home, I will miss SHU in general. I love the campus atmosphere, especially since it’s so pretty in the spring,” said sophomore Brianna Ramos. “I will also miss the independence and being able to walk over to my friends’ dorms.”

Since many students at Sacred Heart live in all different states, they will be separated from their friends they have made at college while home for the summer.

 “I will miss being with all of my friends that don’t live by me because I see them every single day and over the summer I will not see them as often,” said Beaton.

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