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For many, senior year is a time for students to take advantage of their final year on campus. It is a time of many lasts, and many students wish they could rewind, as the four years go by at a fast rate.

Seniors get ready for the transition into their post-undergraduate life, while still enjoying the experience as an undergraduate for the last time.

At Sacred Heart, seniors have enjoyed an in-person year. The class of 2022 was burdened with Covid-19 during the end of their sophomore year. Many bring up the fact that their college experience has been unique and different. Nevertheless, most are thankful that they get to take advantage of being on campus for their last couple of semesters.

Seniors at Sacred Heart reflect on their different experiences during their years in college.

“Senior year has been pretty good. Finally being back to class in person is great but definitely an adjustment. Going to Red’s every night definitely helps,” said senior Lana Borelli.

With Covid-19 erupting in the middle of their college years, some students wish they could take back the years they missed out on.

“We are told that our time in college is the most important time of our lives. By having most of my college experience being around Covid, it has been a changing experience. I wish I did have more time here and that I could have a college experience without covid,” said senior Mallory Orgonas.

On the other hand, many students say that although Covid-19 took away many opportunities, they were still able to create positive memories.

“At the beginning of the lockdown, obviously, no one could do anything, and it was dreadful, but once things started to open back up, I was able to pick up where I left off but in a compact size,” said Leone. “I was able to form more bonds with people I didn’t really think I would ever consider a close friend. I’m okay with the time I had here, covid didn’t steal my time dramatically.”

Some seniors have taken advantage of the on-campus and in-person opportunties.

“Yes it has felt shorter but I definitely think that the events offered and all of my involvement has made up for lost time,” said senior Cithaly Palacios.

Most seniors are thankful to be inside a classroom with their professors alongside them in person.

“SHU professors have been so understanding and helpful it has made the transmission smooth,” said Palacios.

Additionally, some students are focused on the future.

“I am very excited even though I am not sure what I am doing. The unknown is very exciting and I can’t wait to see what I will do with my life,” said Ava Borelli.

Others are looking back.

“I wish I could rewind to freshman year and relive all the new experiences that aren’t so new to me anymore,” said Leone.

Regardless of the obstacles throughout their years at Sacred Heart, some students say that they have gained a lot from their time here.

“I have learned a lot. The most important thing I have learned is that friendships can help you through anything,’’ said Borelli.

Other seniors, including athletes, say that this year has been better regarding their schedules and plans off the field.

“So far, this year would be having a normal fall ball softball schedule and a more normal year. It is nice to be able to hang out with my friends and teammates without the fear of covid or being stuck in quarantine,” said senior Sara Fagan.

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