Athlete Spotlight: Malik Grant Q&A

Malik Grant is a junior at Sacred Heart University and has been the main running back for the Division I football program. Grant is a native of the Bronx, where he attended Archbishop Stepinac High School, a private high school in White Plains, N.Y. Grant is the leading rusher for all running backs in the Northeast Conference (NEC) and he is also the leading rusher in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) competition. 

1. How do you feel about the season so far? 

“I don’t feel at the start of the season we played the best football, but at this point in the season the team has definitely played better and we have a lot of good football to play.” 

2. Did you expect your role this season? 

“As big as my role is this season, I didn’t expect my role to be this big, but my job is to come in and play my role to help the team.” 

3. Do you enjoy playing at Sacred Heart? 

“I definitely love playing at Sacred Heart. The reason why is because of the support I get from my coaches and teammates.” 

4. What was your best game this season? 

“I haven’t had the best game this season in my opinion, I think I can improve on my game a lot more before I answer that question.” 

5. How do you feel about the team’s chemistry? 

“Honestly, lately the team’s chemistry has been clicking on all cylinders.” 

6. What is your work ethic like? 

“I think I have a really good work ethic. I have been through a lot, so it has taught me to never take anything for granted.” 

7. What is your end goal after college? 

“My end goal after college for me is to make it to the NFL and be a young successful man.” 

8. What is most important to you when it comes to football? 

“Playing for my family and my teammates is important to me, and seeing the crowd having excitement.” 

9. Do you enjoy playing football? 

“I do enjoy playing football, it brings excitement to me and people watching, and it develops friendships that last a lifetime.” 

10. How was your transition from high school into college? 

“It was a little rough because you had more time on your hands in college than you did in high school. What was the good part about my transition was being in college and able to play football.” 

11. Who do you look up to that motivates you in life? 

“Honestly, Kobe Bryant. The reason why is because the way his outlook was with basketball is how I look at football. Kobe’s mindset is something I want to keep with me during my football career.” 

Malik Grant and the Sacred Heart Pioneers have two more games left this season and are looking for a chance to go to the playoffs. On Nov. 6, Sacred Heart defeated Saint Francis University 14-13. They are back home on senior day this Saturday, Nov. 13 where they will face Wagner College. Their final regular season game will be away at Long Island University on Nov. 20.

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