Field Hockey Team Looks to Turn the Page

BY Mitchell Kiernan

Staff Writer

With the second half of the season approaching, the Sacred Heart Field Hockey team looks to win meaningful games.

Although they have started the season 1-8, everyone on the team still seems to be in the right state of mind.

Head coach Sydney Van Der Merwe says that the record does not tell the whole picture. Amid the struggles, they have done a good job in certain areas.

“We just got to get luck our side,” said Van Der Merwe. “We improve in every game we play. We work on certain aspects of the game in practice. We just have to do the basic things right.”

Although the previous results, Van Der Merwe knows that his team looks forward to the next game rather than dwelling in the past.

“I give credit to these 24 girls. Each one comes out in practice and really tries for the next game. They got heart, and they have belief that they can do it,” said Van Der Merwe. “They can do it, we just need the luck to go our way and the result will change.”

Van Der Merwe said that the aspects where the team needs to improve the most are the utilization of shots and finishing on plays.

Sophomore, right back, Nicolette Peppe says that she believes the team is making significant strides in practice as they continue to work on “connecting.”

“Every practice and every game we make big strides. I think the biggest thing we are improving on is connecting between our line, defense all the way through mids and forwards,” said Peppe.

Peppe added that the attitude of the team is always positive despite tough times. They always keep the positivity throughout the team.

Senior midfielder Marlena Koellner thinks that they have put forth the work and will try to bring positive energy to the games.

“I think, overall, we need to improve on working as a team. I know we have a lot of talented individual players and I think now we have to focus on making the last connection from player to player and really working together as a team overall,” said Knoellner.

The team looks to pick up a win on Friday when they travel to the University of Albany before beginning Northeast Conference play against Fairfield on Oct. 4.


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