Living with Coronavirus

By Katie Howerter
Staff Reporter 

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected so many lives and continues to be an ongoing issue in the world today. It has altered people’s daily routine and normal life.

As stores shut down, only the essential businesses remain open. Many grocery stores are limiting the amount of cleaning supplies and disinfectants for purchase. Some are restricting the amount of people allowed inside the store, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus is causing a severe decline in the economy. As a result of the widespread shutdown of nonessential companies, people’s businesses are going bankrupt. Many people face other obstacles like the struggle to afford the necessities like food, paper products and hand sanitizer.

These events are causing widespread panic throughout the world. Colleges and schools have shut down and encouraged students to stay home. Professional sports seasons have been postponed and cancelled upsetting many fans, like Paul Bailey.

“It all happened so fast. One day I was getting ready for the MLB’s opening day and the next I’m subjected to watching old recorded football and soccer games,” said Bailey.

The virus tends to be more threatening to people with respiratory problems, those who are immunocompromised and the elderly.

“I feel like the government is handling the situation well and I try to follow the guidelines that are recommended. Being elderly and living with a 20-year old concerns me because I have to send her out for groceries, because I can’t go myself,” said 86-year-old New York resident Sonia DePilar.

The media now consists of COVID-19 live updates, health tips to prevent the spread of the virus and reactions and advice from important figures in society. During this time there have been several celebrities using social media to encourage people to stay home and limit unnecessary travel.

There are several signs on social media that people are attempting to come together and spread positivity in these hard times. People are trying to inspire each other to spend time outside and practice preventative care.

“Living through this time has been an adjustment, so suddenly everyday life became harder, but I’m trying to stay active and be healthy for myself, my family and my friends,” said Fairleigh Dickinson University student Zoe Estrada.


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