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On March 9, the 2019 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft, presented by Cascade, took place in Charlotte, NC. Seniors Max Tuttle, Joe Saggese, and Landon Kramer of the Sacred Heart men’s lacrosse team were each selected in the draft. 

Saggese, who plays attack, and Kramer, who plays defense, were both selected by the Dallas Rattlers. Tuttle, who is a midfielder, was selected by the Denver Outlaws. Saggese was the 44th overall pick in the fifth round, and Kramer was the 62nd overall pick in the seventh round. 

Tuttle made program history as he was drafted sixth overall in the first round. According to Athletic Communications, Tuttle is the first player to be a first-round selection. Tuttle is from the Outlaws’ home state of Colorado. He hails from Castle Rock.

“It’s exciting and it’s definitely an honor, but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for any of the guys who I’ve played with,” said Tuttle. “I used to go to those games as a kid, so it’s a cool opportunity for me.”

Head coach Jon Basti believes the mindset the three seniors have has played a role in their accomplishments.

“In the summer of 2016, the players rededicated themselves to changing mentally and physically, along with learning to love lacrosse again,” said Basti. 

Basti also looks at the selections as a team success rather than an individual success. 

“Saggese, Tuttle and Kramer have all worked to help our program get better,” said Basti. “I think for the younger guys who are coming up, they can see that you can come to Sacred Heart and get drafted.”

Saggese is glad to be able to continue his lacrosse career once this year comes to an end.

“We [Sacred Heart] still have that one goal of winning NEC’S first and being the best team we can be,” said Saggese.

Saggese was also excited when he first found out that Kramer had also been drafted by Dallas.

“It’s exciting to have someone I’ve known for so long come and play with me,” said Saggese. “It makes me feel comfortable as I go into the next level.”

Saggese, Tuttle and Kramer are still focused on improving the culture of the Sacred Heart lacrosse team.

“I don’t think it’s ever a question of how hard our team works,” said Tuttle. “We are a blue-collar group of guys who will do anything for each other to win those games.”

Basti believes his players stand out because of their commitment to the team and dedication to being great leaders.

“They have done a tremendous job of putting the team first and realizing that they’ll be successful if the team is successful, and the team is successful if they are successful,” said Basti.

Currently, Sacred Heart is on a four-game win streak. In that span, they’ve defeated Providence, Stony Brook, Hartford and Robert Morris.

Their next game will be against Hobart on March 23, at Campus Field.

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