E. Coli Rumors Addressed

Amidst rumors of E. Coli and the quality of food safety at Linda’s, dean of students Lawrence Wielk sought to reassure the student body in an email sent to students on March 2nd.

He acknowledged that there was a case of E. Coli discovered on campus ten days prior.

Per the email, he said “The State Department of Public Health is investigating the case, and SHU food services also reached out to the Fairfield Health Department for an investigation. To date, there has been no indication of a link between this or any health issues and SHU dining.”

Health services staff has seen some cases of viral gastroenteritis as is typical at this time of year, although there are fewer than usual because of the safety protocols in place for COVID-19.

Sophomore Ben Healy says that even though he is a bit concerned, he feels reassured that the Dean addressed the rumor.

“Even though I am nervous and concerned, I still choose to eat on campus. I’m paying more attention to how my food looks and tastes because I still have a meal plan here and I believe it is not worth wasting. For this reason and the fact that Dean Wielk sent out an email regarding mine and many others’ concerns helps me to feel a little more comfortable with the food here on campus.”

If you still have concerns about food safety on campus, please reach out to Kayla Hawley, Marketing Director of SHU Dining and she will reach back as soon as possible. Her email is shudining-hawleyk@sacredheart.edu.

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