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Dear reader,

If you just picked up your first issue of Spectrum, welcome! We appreciate it, whether you’re a freshman, senior, faculty member, or visitor. Spectrum is your guide to all news: whether it be events on campus, student perspectives on issues, or anything going on in the world. Spectrum is entirely staffed by undergraduate students, from our writers to our leadership roles.

I want to start by thanking my wonderful editorial team for all the work they’ve already done to make Spectrum successful. It’s not easy to put together a 16-page issue for print and online every week, especially when balancing classes, work, and a social life on top of it. There is so much going on not only on campus, but in the world, and we do everything we can to cover as much as possible. Without the hours and hours they spend in the office with us, you wouldn’t be holding this newspaper in your hands right now. Of course, our writers play a huge role in making this newspaper great, and I am so grateful for their hard work throughout each semester.

Spectrum would not be Spectrum without our advisor, Professor Joanne Kabak. In addition to teaching, she works hard to ensure that we put out professional quality work each week and helps us when we need guidance. I am looking forward to working with her for another year!

This semester, we are making a few changes that we think you’ll like. One of our biggest and most important projects is The Audrey Niblo scholarship. Audrey Niblo was a student in the graduating class of 2020 who passed away a year and a half ago. She embodied all of the positive aspects you could ask for: love, positivity, and friendliness. She devoted a ton of her time fighting bullying, which was so incredibly important to her. We are always working to keep her legacy alive. We will be doing a series of Audrey Award Articles with topics that we believe will communicate a message that Audrey would want to share with everyone. Additionally, Spectrum will be awarding two students with a scholarship at the conclusion of the school year.

We are working hard to make Spectrum something that you look forward to picking up every Wednesday, and we are always looking for suggestions for what you want to read. If you’re interested in writing, be sure to email me. We are always looking for fresh voices.

If you want to read digitally, you can find us on shuspectrum.com. Also, follow us on:

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Bryana Cielo


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