SHU iHub Opening

BY Alex Caruso

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University has partnered with Verizon to open an Innovation Hub, or iHub, located at Sacred Heart’s West Campus. The new iHub Coworking space can be found on the second floor of the West Building, in room W-250.

“The iHub is open to outside companies, as well as faculty and students, through different levels of paid membership,” said Community Manager Corey Wain. “By encouraging outside companies to become members of our community, we will continue to create a diverse network of internships and jobs for our students.”

The iHub was constructed over the past year. An open house event is being held today to celebrate the opening and to let people tour the space. The community hopes to build an environment focused on academics that attracts local businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and other organizations.

“We are building a community full of like-minded professionals, small businesses, startups and large corporations, who are focused on innovation, collaboration, sustainability and experiential learning,” said Wain. “We want to create a pipeline for internships and careers for our students. We want to help entrepreneurs take an idea from the initial thought all the way to the final product/service, through utilization of our community members and the incredible resources on the Sacred Heart University campus.”

According to, the iHub will offer hot desks for $150, team rooms for $1,000-1,500, dedicated desks for $200, conference rooms for $75 and $500 event space that will cost a subsidized monthly or weekly price determined by Verizon. Each of these amenities can be scheduled online or Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the iHub.

By using a Student Concierge service, Sacred Heart and iHub will establish opportunities to make connections with different programs, internships, and events on campus.

“The problem-based learning academics being taught at this campus can be well complemented through the offerings of internships, jobs and careers. These positions will be based out of the iHub, meaning students will be able to develop real-life skills through a wide variety of different companies and fields on the same campus as their classes are held,” said Wain. “Students will create relationships with these companies and make connections within their chosen fields, assisting with career placement upon graduation.”

“The addition of an iHub to Sacred Heart University is honestly really exciting if it helps to bring more opportunities to help students succeed outside of the classroom,” said junior Alex Pearl. “The paid membership is the only downside, as most students might not want to pay for some of the services they could get for free somewhere else on campus.”

“Come to Work. Stay to Innovate.” This is the slogan of the iHub that can be found on its website. Its slogan is a testament to what the iHub hopes to accomplish since its opening.

“We’ve designed an environment where students, corporations, small businesses and faculty can work together to fuel creativity and innovation. Businesses can collaborate with students and faculty through internships, team projects, and other experiential learning programs,” said Wain. “This collaboration will help students develop the essential problem-solving and critical-thinking skills they require to be successful, while driving value for businesses.”

“I’ve never heard of an iHub before it came to Sacred Heart, but the technology and the opportunities it brings to the school is very exciting,” said junior Tyler McGann. “It’s nice to know the support is there if I need the resources in my work and studies.”

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