The “New” Market at SHU

BY Devin Gavigan

Staff Writer

Over this past summer, Outtakes was renovated and transformed into the Market at SHU. Located next to the 63’s buffet-style cafeteria, the Market has a wide variety of offerings: a Starbucks station, salads, sandwiches, wraps, snacks, groceries, ice cream, soups, and more.

“I am super happy with everything they changed, especially the new food they started selling,” said Junior Tyler McGann. “I’m gluten- and dairy-free, so it’s really nice to see more food options for sale – like the cauliflower pizza.”

Other items the Market provides include several healthier frozen dinner options, like Lean Cuisine. They vary from pasta to pizza bites, and much more. According to McGann, the new options throughout the store are more practical and accommodate more of the diverse health interests and needs of the Sacred Heart community.

Not only have the food options gotten more diverse, but the Market itself has modernized its interior design. The black and white walls include coffee designs and uplifting quotes like “Do the right thing” and the Market’s new slogan, “Live Well and Thrive.” The minimalist decor shrouds the space, from the back refreshment area all the way around to the Starbucks section.

Brenda Maldonado, a Market worker, spoke on the changes made at  Outtakes and the reactions so far from the student body. “Everybody is loving it. They can’t believe how different it all looks,” she said.

Not only do the design changes catch the students’ eyes, but the slight changes to the food layout have helped a lot as well. “The line tends to get wrapped around in the Market and it can get very busy and congested,” said Maldonado.

The ice cream and frozen dinner freezers that were previously in the back right of Outtakes are now closer to the Market’s door. Before this change, students who just wanted to grab a sandwich or a pint of ice cream  would get jammed and caught up in the crowd waiting in line for Starbucks.

“They would have to get out of line to get snacks. Now when they come in everything is pretty much in order for them. So all you have to do is grab it without having to worry about going outside the line,” said Maldonado.

The newly organized set-up helps decrease the congestion and increase the smoothness of the line itself.

A popular new feature of the Market is the Boost Mobile app. With this app, students can order a drink from Starbucks and pick it up right when they get there.

The Starbucks employees receive the order notification on their device behind the desk, they make the drink within about ten minutes, and the student is able to quickly grab it and be on their way. Maldonado finds that this also promotes smoother flow and order in the busy Market, and helps students get to class on time without having to worry about waiting in line.

In order to take advantage of this, all you have to do is download the free Boost Mobile app and log in. Order your drink and in ten minutes it’s done.

The menu screens have also become electronic, showing the full Market menu, which now includes Matcha and much more. According to Maldonado, the menu “shows the times we’re open, our promotion of the month, and information about the students’ swipes.”

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