Water You Drinking From?

BY Sophia Cirigliano

While it was a normal day on campus, junior Madison Santoro had realized how many students around her were carrying their reusable water bottles and wondered if this was just a trend or if this was an eco-friendly movement beginning.

“I had seen these bottles around campus and I wondered if it was for the hype or if it was because students were trying to be better for the environment. I had went out and bought one this past summer to test it out,” said Santoro. “I now believe buying a Hydro Flask is worth it. It is something that I personally use every day in my life.”

Many students at Sacred Heart University find themselves questioning whether they believe that people are buying reusable bottles such as Hydro Flasks, S’well bottles, and Yeti’s for the trend of having one or for the eco-friendly purpose of the bottles.

“I do believe that students are buying these eco-friendly water bottles to stay in trend. Many students do not realize that they are helping the environment,” said junior Alexa Coto. “They are more focused on being in trend with everyone else.”

While some students do want to be in trend with society, it does come with a price. According to Hydro Flask.com an 18 oz. standard water bottle cost $29.95. While the reusable 17 oz. S’well water bottle prices for $35.00 according to Swellbottle.com. Lastly, the popular 18 oz. Yeti insulated bottle prices for $29.99 according to Yeti.com.

“I feel as though the water bottles are way too overpriced,” said sophomore Nicolette Maselli. “I think that the money you are paying for a S’well bottle or a Yeti bottle is for the name not the quality of the water bottle.”

Although many students do agree that the water bottles are overpriced, some believe that it is worth the money.

Santoro said that although the bottles are pricey, there is a purpose for it being that expensive. Many factors come along with the price such as the bottle keeping your water cold and helping the environment every day.

“I believe buying a Hydro Flask compared to the other bottles is more worth it because it is one of the cheaper ones and I personally think are more known,” said Santoro. “I am constantly bringing it everywhere I go and I like knowing every time I take a sip of water it will still be cold because of the Hydro Flask container.”

Not all students carry around a Hydro Flask, many believe that all reusable water bottles have the same insulated purpose of keeping your water cold and fresh.

“My S’well does the same thing, I have a knock-off version of S’well from Marshall’s. The real S’well bottles have nicer designs but both keep my water cold,” said Coto.

Each water bottle was designed to be a metal container that is vacuum insulated to keep your water cold.

“I think these water bottles are so popular because they actually work,” said junior Adrianna Danielo. “I own a S’well water bottle because it was a gift, but it’s very helpful in keeping my drinks cold.”

Junior Kara Langdon said that she does not own one of the water bottles but believes that the price should not be as high as it is for a S’well water bottle.

“They should be around $30.00 if they want us to stop using plastic bottles, but the S’well Company needs to make their bottles cheaper,” said Landgon.

Langdon said the Yeti water bottle is not as known because it does not get as much attention as a Hydro Flask does from social media.

“Social media applications like VSCO where you see pictures being posted on the design of a Hydro Flask make people want to buy it so they can look like they are with the trend,” said Langdon. “You never see anything but a Hydro Flask on social media and that is why I think they are the most popular.”

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