All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster: Maggie Rogers Revamps Ticket Policy

Maggie Rogers has announced her newest tour, “The Don’t Forget Me Tour Part II.” Her first headlining arena tour will kick off in Austin, Texas on Oct. 9, 2024, and conclude on Nov. 2, 2024 in Inglewood, Calif. She will also make stops in the area, performing on Oct. 17 at TD Garden and Oct. 19 at Madison Square Garden. This “Part II” follows the first leg of the tour, happening in smaller venues this spring.

In the wake of Ticketmaster fee scandals, scalpers and bots, Rogers decided to do something unique for her fans. On her TikTok page, she encouraged fans to “Come buy a ticket like it’s 1965.” Rogers decided to combat the surge in ticket fees and absurd resale prices by selling tickets the old-fashioned way, at the box office. This is something she implemented on her last tour, but has decided to take it to the next level. In something she has declared “Box Office Week,” fans are able to purchase the tickets in their city as well as have the chance to participate in some fun.

“Here’s how it’s going to work… from April 13th to April 20th, in every city where I’m playing an arena this fall, you can go to the local box office to choose your seats and buy your ticket for a special in-person price,” said Rogers in a press release.

Fans in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago were able to purchase tickets from Rogers herself, and had the chance to see her perform her newest album, accompanied by a full band, that night. In addition to the ticket sales and concert, there were pop up activities, merchandise for sale and more. It was a chance for fans to connect with the artist and be able to have a more pleasant ticket-buying experience. For those unable to join in-person, there was also a small, online sale which began on April 22.

“Hosting an in-person ticket sales event combined with the same-day special concerts that she’s doing is so unique. I think it is so cool that she’s going old school, combating price gouging and fees. It’s beautiful to see when artists truly care about their fans,” said Campus Life Editor Collin Moura.

“I think that the new ticket policy is a breath of fresh air, I feel as if it has been so hectic lately to get tickets to the point where it is a turn off for concerts, especially for me. I think many artists should follow suit, it would be nice to not have to be glued to a computer for hours on a waiting screen hoping to maybe get a ticket if one is so lucky,” said sophomore Isabella Defrancesco.

According to AP News, Ticketmaster has been under fire for their alleged monopoly over the ticketing industry, and their botched sale of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour tickets. In Jan. 2023, there was a Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing that explored, “whether the company’s dominance in the ticketing industry led to its spectacular breakdown during a sale of Taylor Swift concert tickets.” It also questioned the ethics of Ticketmaster’s fees, which now range anywhere from 27% to 75% of the ticket cost. The anger seemed to be bipartisan, with both parties agreeing there is an issue to be solved.

“As someone who spends the majority of their paycheck on concert tickets, I have seen my share of crazy fees and overpriced tickets. It’s one of those things that I know the artist isn’t even benefiting from but that these major companies do it because they can. It turns into this vicious cycle since live music is still in such high demand post-covid. Though it has never stopped me from buying tickets, I have become way more aware of the fees and also that I need to factor that into how much I am saving when it comes to purchasing tickets,” said junior Lizzie Lyons.

Many fans agree that Rogers’ approach to combat the Ticketmaster monopoly and connect with her fans on another level is admirable.

“I think it is important for artists to stand up for their fans in terms of fighting with Ticketmaster because it shows that they care, that they value the enjoyment and time of their fans rather than just their money,” said Defrancesco.

“Everyone should make a point to support Maggie Rogers and other artists like her. She supports her fans in so many ways, which is everything you could want from an artist. Plus, she just makes some of the best indie pop music in the game,” said Moura.

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