Amanda Knox: A Netflix Original

By Alexa Bianchi

Staff Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 30, “Amanda Knox” was released on Netflix.

“Amanda Knox” is a documentary named after an American exchange student and her Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, who were convicted of murdering Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher, on Nov. 1, 2007, in Perugia, Italy.

“I’ve always found Amanda Knox’s case interesting so I was excited to watch when the documentary came to Netflix,” said senior Kara Fanelli. “It offered a lot of insight into the case, but still allowed room for you to decide your own view on those involved.”

When Kercher’s body was found, prosecutor Giuliano Mignini tried to unravel the mystery and find the person responsible. He was determined to make sure Knox was convicted.

“It was crazy to see how he manipulated the media and Amanda herself,” said Fanelli. “He was so sworn on her being the killer that he would pull stories from thin air without any real proof.”

One of the most raw elements of “Amanda Knox” is that the documentary provides video footage of the crime scene the day after the murder was committed.

“One of the first things you see in the documentary is blood on the floor and walls on their house,” said junior Keara Kirk. “They also show a blanket covering the body of Kercher with her foot sticking out. It was graphic but it really gave a feel for just how brutal the murder was.”

Knox and Sollecito were convicted and acquitted twice.

“I wasn’t surprised that they were convicted the first time, but I didn’t think they would be acquitted after four years in jail,” said Kirk. “It’s hard to believe that they went through the process twice. The documentary definitely took turns that I wasn’t expecting.”

Danielle LaPorta and Molly Cristofoletti, two juniors currently studying abroad in Rome, have not been able to watch “Amanda Knox” yet.

“I have heard of the documentary, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to watch it due to school work and traveling. I look forward to watching it though, it should be very interesting and it goes to show that anything can happen,” said LaPorta.

She expressed that not all study abroad trips are like Knox’s.

“All in all, studying abroad is a very safe and exciting opportunity, however, there are a few risks,” said LaPorta. “They could include being left alone, having trouble communicating with locals, and time management for sure.”

Cristofoletti also described risks and concerns she has while abroad.

“I don’t think there are many risks to studying abroad other than being out alone at night because of a few previous incidents that have happened to study abroad students,” said Cristofoletti. “The only concerns I have are getting separated from my friends while being out at night and managing my time.”

While her semester in Italy is being spent differently than Knox’s, LaPorta is enjoying studying abroad.

“Having a full Italian background, my experience in Italy has been nothing but amazing,” said LaPorta. “It’s seriously a dream come true to live in a country where my grandparents came from. I highly suggest anyone to go abroad, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity right in front of you, take it.”

Fanelli enjoyed “Amanda Knox” and would recommend it to anyone considering watching.

“I’m not one to watch documentaries, but it was really good. It kept my attention the whole time and really sparked my interest. Anyone who is looking for a good watch on Netflix should check it out,” said Fanelli.

Knox graduated from college in 2014 and is now advocating for those who are wrongfully convicted.

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