Ariana Grande Makes Billboard History

BY Nicola Paerg

Staff Reporter

Ariana Grande made history as her two latest singles debuted at number one on Billboards Hot 100 chart.

According to Billboard, “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” skyrocketed to the top of the charts almost immediately after the two songs were released.

I think Ariana Grande is very deserving of the recent accolades she has received,” said senior Justin Squarzini. “Over the past five years, she went from being one of the smaller artists to, in my opinion, one of the top three female artists that are currently popular right now.”

This is the first time an artist debuted at the number one spot on Billboard’s track list with two of their releases.

“I think Ariana Grande is a young singer with an amazing voice who deserves all the recognition she gets. She works so hard and the outcome is exactly what she deserves,” said sophomore Ashley Gerckens. “I am inspired by her bravery and strength after all she has been through the past couple years.”

Billboard reports that Grande is one of five artists to achieve a multitude of number one singles on their charts in addition to Drake and Justin Bieber, but is the only one to debut at number one, twice in a row.

“I’ve never heard anyone say that they dislike her songs. I think ‘Thank U, Next’ was a total hit, and I still love jamming to it. I haven’t heard ‘7 Rings’ too many times yet, so I can’t form a personal opinion on it, but overall I enjoyed the song,” said senior Bella Goddard.

The singer has had 34 Hot 100 chart singles since 2013.

“I like the song ‘Thank U, Next’ because of its intended meaning, but I really don’t like ‘7 Rings’ because all she is singing about is that she bought her hair,” said senior Tommy Taranto. “I could go out and buy some hair too, but that doesn’t mean I am going to make a hit single about it.”

Billboard reports that Justin Bieber was the only other artist close to reaching this honor but fell short as his hit “Sorry” only reached number two on the leaderboard.

“I like Ariana Grande. Of course, she’s been in the news recently for a couple of her past relationships,” said Squarzini. “Her most recent hits “Thank U, Next” and “7 Rings” are the hottest songs out right now and seem to always be on the radio.”

Grande released her new album, “Thank U, Next,” on Feb. 8. Both of her recent hits are featured on it.

“I love her songs ‘Thank U, Next’ and ‘7 Rings’ because they are confidence boosters for women,” said Gerckens. “They basically say that we don’t need a man and that we can get anything we want if we work hard for it.”

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