Bat Boy Sighting at the Edgerton

For the next two weekends, the Theatre Arts Program (TAP) at Sacred Heart University will be putting on a production of “Bat Boy: the Musical.” This is the first show of the Spring 2024 semester.

The production will start on Thursday, Feb. 8, and will run until Sunday, Feb. 18. The shows will be at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday shows will be at 3 p.m.

“The show is made up of positive, talented people, and I think that brings an energy to the show that is unique to the Sacred Heart productions,” said junior Sierra Sailer, the production stage manager.

A typical rehearsal for Sailer involves supervising the cast and crew, making sure everyone is doing what they need to do, writing down important notes from the director and making sure communication is strong throughout the team. Sailer uses her free time to book rehearsal spaces and communicate the dates and times of rehearsals to her company.

Sophomore Diana Martucci is playing her debut lead role at SHU as Meredith Parker in the musical. “I came from a very small town with little opportunity to get involved in productions. I have little experience with theatre, and I still have a lot to learn,” Martucci said. “I think I am bringing a rawness to the production along with a moldable attitude while actively learning from this experience.”

When talking about superstitions, Martucci is who to go to. She has to keep her script backstage in the same exact spot during every run. It is used as her comfort blanket, and she does not feel as confident if her script is in the wrong place.

“Everyone has put in so much hard work to make this production what it is and there is so much talent on this stage,” said Martucci. “Because the show is filled with difficult music and a unique script, it’s amazing to see how everyone adds their own tactics to their scenes and songs.”

Senior Nicholas Rubano is playing the role of Bat Boy in the production. Rubano said, “It is extremely over the top, crazy and gory, but underneath all of it is a lot of truth about being somebody that doesn’t fit in, and underneath all of the music and lights and blood the show has a lot of heart to it.”

Rubano loves being a part of this show and is excited to step into this unique role. He said, “It really is a lot of unconventional acting, and having to act like an animal creature is different from any person you might see on stage, while also still developing the more human parts to bat boy.”

“My favorite scene is the last scene because it is where the story comes to fruition and it’s fun to play such high stakes emotions in that moment,” said Rubano. “I really just love performing, singing these songs, telling the story and being able to do it in an environment with friends, which is a super fulfilling way to round out my SHU Theatre Arts career.”

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