Choir Creates New Ensemble “Heart Beats”

Sacred Heart University welcomed a new select choir ensemble to campus called “Heart Beats.” The first round of auditions was held for this select choir on Sept. 26, with the second being held on Sept. 28. It is separate from the choral grants and open to anyone on campus who wishes to join.

“It will be super casual, especially because it’s student-led. So, everyone can just hop in and do what they want. Put their spin on it and make it fun,” said Christen Luongo, Vice President of the Choir Program and founder of “Heartbeats.”

“Heartbeats” is the newly added ensemble to the choir program. They will perform music from a wide range of genres. “Heartbeats” intends to perform around campus and even sing at the football games this season. The university’s choral program efficiently caters to students’ schedules, as they are very flexible, and this new ensemble does the same.

“I picked Sacred Heart because they had a choir program that fit in my schedule as someone who has so much work and so many classes. So, it was perfect. You pick and choose what choirs you want to do, and you can make yourself busy or not busy,” said Luongo.

The new choir ensemble will bring a new dynamic to campus by allowing students to be in touch and sing what they are passionate about.

“I joined the choir because I used to be in a choir before college, and I have always wanted to continue being a part of a group that makes music. The choir program felt welcoming to all. Choir is a way to take a break from school and do something that I enjoy. I was able to find a community that shares the same interests as me,” said junior Isabel Bandon.

Luongo gave this choir the name “Heartbeats” as a recognition of her future.

“I wanted to keep the Sacred Heart theme in there somewhere. I also am a biology major, and I ultimately want to do pediatric cardiology. So, I thought that the name was just perfect because it kind of just engulfs everything about Sacred Heart, what I want to do and music,” said Luongo.

“As we are looking towards the future, with a new performing arts center to open in 2024, I want to support our students in building a culture of leadership and community,” said Dr. Christopher Grundy, Director of Choral Programs. “And that is exactly what Christen is doing in organizing our first student-led a cappella ensemble.”

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