Dance Program Showcase, “Midnight Cabaret”

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On Friday Nov. 30, Sacred Heart’s Dance Program showcased their “Midnight Cabaret” show in the Edgerton Center. The performance consisted of the Dance Company, Dance Ensemble, and the Musical Theatre Dance Class.

The show opened up with a unique contemporary hip-hop-styled dance titled, “Help, I’m A Dancer.” Performed by members of the Dance Company, the routine highlighted impressive dance skills as well as advanced tricks.

“The first number was unique and entertaining and had me excited for the rest of the dances in the show,” said junior audience member Mary Magliozzi.

The performance continued with more dances featuring other styles like tap, hip-hop and contem-porary. Each routine had their own theme that branched off the cabaret show style.

According to the Edgerton Center’s website, the performance featured professional and student choreography. Members of the dance groups were thrilled to be a part of the show.

“My favorite parts were dancing with my best friend and being part of an absolutely amazing cast that were filled with passion and love for dance!” said sophomore Dance Ensemble member Katrina Riggi.

The show presented two tap numbers called “This Is America” and “American Love.” Each dance had clear and consistent sounds with tributes to the United States shown through their costumes.

“The tap numbers were great. It is always so impressive to me that dancers can make those sounds,” said senior audience member Julia McLaughlin.

Throughout the weekend these dance groups also presented other dance shows. “Midnight Cabaret” was part of the Dance Program’s three-day Winter Concert Series.

The Saturday show, “Pieces of a Dream,” was presented by the Dance Company. It featured all styles of dance. “Winter Soulstice” was hosted on Sunday by the Dance Ensemble, and also featured various dance styles.

“I danced in the piece ‘Bang Bang’ with the Dance Company and many other dances in our Saturday show. It was my first performance with the Company and I loved being a part of it!” said junior Dance Company member, Marissa Percivalle.

“Bang Bang” was a contemporary jazz number that highlighted sassy steps as well as a change of lighting to reflect the mood of the dance moves being performed. Audience members cheered loudly for this number as dancers showcased their talent and flexibility.

Another crowd favorite was the “Dance At The Gym” number, presented by dancers of the musical theatre class. The number showcased theatre-styled moves to an upbeat tune known from the hit musical “West Side Story.”

“I loved performing in ‘Dance At The Gym’ because I got to show all the dance moves I learned this semester in the DA 106 class. The crowd seemed to love it too!” said junior Justin Weigel, a Musical Theatre Dance student.

Some members of the audience had their favorites from the night.

“One of my favorite dances was ‘Barbiez’ because my friends were in it and I love to see them perform and have fun onstage,” said McLaughlin.

“Barbiez” featured the Dance Ensemble and displayed dynamic hip hop moves throughout the number.

“It was my first dance show and I love the atmosphere. Being around all of the dancers was what I enjoyed most about the show,” said Weigel.

“Midnight Cabaret” closed with a fast paced hip hop dance entitled, “Welcome to my Hood.” This piece had a remix of songs that showcased the talents of the Dance Ensemble. The group displayed strong street style moves that dancers performed throughout the number.

“Each number was different and I liked watching every dance group. There was a lot of talent shown onstage,” said Magliozzi.

The show was a great representation of the dance program. It showcased the hard work and talent of the dance groups on campus. Check the Edgerton’s website for more upcoming performances by the Dance Company and Ensemble.

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