“Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

The six-episode series on Disney+ called “Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” which started in March, has officially come to an end. This series is based on what happened after Captain America passed on his shield to the new Captain America and dives deeper into the lives of the characters.

The show introduces us to new characters and continues to explore old ones from the Marvel movie franchise. Old and new, they continue to get into thrilling battles as the show goes on.

“It wasn’t predictable where they were going to end up, how they get there is always the fun part,” said Prof. Keith Zdrojowy, M.A.T. Studio Manager, Martire Broadcast Center/Adjunct Instructor in the School of Communication, Media and the Arts.

“Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackey, is an Air Force veteran who was used on secret missions in which he used a wing-type suit,” according to Marvel. “He then continues to use this suit to help Captain America and the Avengers, where he earns the name the Falcon.”

This series not only goes in-depth about the story of the new Captain America, but it also brings in a story of growth for Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan as the characters Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Part of Bucky’s background is him finding his way back from all the people he killed when he was the Winter Soldier and finding forgiveness in himself.

“I feel like the story was about two men finding new purpose in their life,” said senior Erin Rondi. “They were always Captain America’s friends, but his death almost helped them find a new independence and discovery within themselves.”

Along with the lesson of growth, there is also the exploration of race throughout the series.

According to the Associated Press, “Malcolm Spellman said the series will explore ‘the conflict for a Black man confronting those stars and stripes.’”

“Huge social justice, racial equality tone throughout the whole thing, with Sam Wilson being the Black Captain America,” said Zdrojowy.

At the end of episode one, titled “New World Order,” Sam gives the shield back to the U.S. government for a memorial to be put into place for Steve Rogers. The shield is taken from there and given to John Walker, who is now named the new Captain America.

“I enjoyed the twists and layers they had to the story. It was very well done and weaved perfectly into the Marvel world,” said senior Devin Gavigan.

Since the Marvel world is so unique, each movie or series leads into the story that comes next.

“Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s character is really not clear what she does,” said Zdrojowy. “In the whole show, she is part of an organization. Maybe she is part of the government, we don’t know, which leads to something else in the future.”

According to Deseret News, “Sam finally took on the role as Captain America and Bucky made peace with the fact that he can start a new life as the Winter Soldier, bringing an end to the two running storylines of the series.”

As a result of Sam becoming the new Captain America, new possibilities open within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for Sam going forward as he takes on his new role. This could include the production of new films and TV series.

“I think they ended the show nicely and the end credit scene set it up nicely so there can be a second season or movie to follow,” said Rondi.

“In any Marvel thing, it never fully resolves everything, and wisely so, because if everything was resolved there would be no reason for the next thing” said Zdrojowy.

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