From Stadiums to Cinemas: The Eras Tour Comes to the Big Screen

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was brought to fans on a whole new stage. Instead of going to the stadium and seeing Swift perform live, her fan base, also known as Swifties, was able to experience the magic in a whole new way. This time though, in a smaller setting and with a cheaper ticket. It is the Eras Tour, movie theater version.

For fans who were not able to attend the actual tour, this offered them an alternative, one that is deemed just as fun. For the much lower price of $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for children, numbers which are very significant to Swift’s career, Swifties were able to experience the community and fun brought upon by the record-breaking tour.

Due to popular demand, and according to 9News, it is promised by AMC that they will show the film at least four times a day, Thursday through Sunday. The original release date was Friday, Oct. 13. However, it did not play out this way.

“Look what you genuinely made me do: due to unprecedented demand we’re opening up early access showings of The Eras Tour Concert Film on THURSDAY in America and Canada!!” said Taylor Swift via X.

The 165-minute film documents the entire Eras Tour concert, from start to finish. Viewers are taken through Swift’s 17-year-long music career, witnessing the performance from the U.S. summer tour, which was filled with sets from all 10 of her albums.

Junior Sophia Venditti, who saw the concert live and in theaters said, “It was awesome. My favorite part of the movie was the diverse setlist and detailed performance

Taylor put on. It was arranged very well, and the production was exceptional.”
Racking in over $95 million just over the course of the opening weekend, it was estimated that over 4.8 million people went to theaters that weekend, according to CNBC

“Every seat in the theater was occupied. I was excited to see the close detail of the

stage, and the props. I was in a pretty high seat when I saw her live, so seeing everything happen in high definition was a whole new experience,” said Venditti.

Swift herself took to the cinema to enjoy a showing, surprising fans with her presence at an AMC Theaters in Los Angeles, California.

“I think I will just watch it with you now. So let’s have a blast, guys. Thank you for coming,” said Swift.

There was no strict dress code, but the Swifties took it upon themselves to match their attire to the occasion..

“Many people were dressed up, in merch from the tour, Taylor inspired outfits, and of course, many were sporting the infamous friendship bracelets,” said Vendetti.

Sophomore Gia Hart was also able to physically attend the show over the summer, as well as see the film at the movies.

“It made me so happy to be able to relive the Eras Tour and the excitement I felt. My favorite part was the ending credits, where it showed the fans outside the stadiums. It really shows how great the fandom is,” said Hart.

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