“iCalry” Makes A Comeback

The Nickelodeon sitcom “iCarly” was released to Netflix on Feb. 8. The first two seasons are available to watch on the streaming platform and have created buzz on social media, with some old fans rekindling their love for the show. 

“iCarly” was on the air from 2007-2012 and starred Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, a quirky teenage girl who starts a web show with her two best friends Sam and Freddie, played by Jenette McCurdy and Nathan Kress, respectively. The show also featured other characters such as Carly’s older brother Spencer, played by Jerry Trainor, and the gang’s goofball friend Gibby, played by Noah Munck. 

“I think it is so much more enjoyable to watch now than it was back then. I’m able to catch on to way more jokes and it’s so much funnier to me now,” said sophomore Kristin Livia. 

Many users on TikTok have been paying homage to “iCarly” by making videos about their favorite scenes, opinions on the actors and the show’s most popular jokes. One example is users recreating “spaghetti tacos,” a food combination that exists and is often mentioned in the “iCarly” universe. 

The sitcom has also been rumored by several news outlets to continue the original storyline with a reboot that follows Carly as she navigates through life as a young adult. 

Dan Schneider, the original creator and producer of “iCarly,” will not have any part in the production of the reboot after parting ways with Nickelodeon in 2018. According to OK Magazine, Jay Kogen and Ali Schouten will be the heads of production in Scheinder’s place. 

This is set to be available for viewing on Paramount+, the new Paramount Pictures streaming service that will launch in early March. 

According to Paramount Pictures, viewers can expect to see lots of original content from the streaming service, with many based on popular movies or TV series. 

Many students and staff at Sacred Heart reacted positively to the idea of reboots within television culture. 

“For audiences, reboots are nostalgic. They allow audience members to return to their childhood or teen years when life may have seemed less complicated. Since reboots are built around familiar characters, they can offer a sense of comfort to the audience,” said Dr. Lori Bindig, Department Chair of Communication Studies. 

“I know that I personally have come to feel like certain characters in television shows and films are my friends, and this is a common occurrence for many, so the reboot of a television show from when I was younger? Well, that feels like my best friends are back,” said Prof. Alexis Walker, instructor in the School of Communications. 

According to OK Magazine, Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress are the first to have signed onto the project while Jenette McCurdy and Noah Munck have not yet agreed to return. 

Still, even without the return of every cast member, many say reboots can bring a level of comfort and familiarity. 

“There is a sense of security that comes with nostalgia, and it just feels like you’re at home,” said Walker. “When these shows progress even more and we hear about reboots, there is a feeling of returning to our childhood, even when seeing the responses of those younger than us as they have the joy we did in the show’s first go-around.” 

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