Improvising In Quarantine

By Christian Colon
Staff Reporter

Like many students, my life was greatly turned around due to the effects of COVID-19 and the closing of the Sacred Heart University campus. The greatest impact for me was the cancellation of all the Theater Arts Program (TAP) shows, activities and meetings, because I am a very active member of this program.

The cancellations started slow at first but with every email we received about each new cancellation, I could only watch as my friends and I, and everyone else involved in the program, were deeply saddened to hear that shows and events we loved and worked hard on were now cancelled. While TAP understood why the precautions caused the cancellations, many, including myself, were upset that they were unable to perform in their first or, for seniors, last show.

Before we were all sent home, I was in rehearsals for my first show, “Chess.”

“Chess” was originally going to open on April 23.  “Chess” would have been my first main stage production that I would have performed in at Sacred Heart. It had already begun its rehearsals for the full cast, who were all putting in a lot of work and hours into the production.

I also will miss the SHU improv group that I was a prominent member of. As a club, we would perform monthly improv shows and would have open rehearsals where people could come and watch us practice and participate themselves.

I miss improv even more recently because I have been selected to be part of the TAP executive board where I would represent Improv for the upcoming school year.

The first few days at home I was unsure of what to do with myself in a creative outlet and felt I did not know what to do with my time. It wasn’t until I downloaded Premier Pro and started to record and edit videos that I found a fun hobby to pass my time.

I also met with the TAP executive board and others where I will be the head of a segment in their variety show. The variety show is for people in TAP to have an outlet to continue expressing and will be out for people to see on TAP social media pages.

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