Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition”

By Christian Colon & Jackie O’Rourke
Staff Writer / A&E Editor

Due to the threat of COVID-19 spreading and social-distancing regulations, the filming of many TV shows has been put on hold. Many television personalities have begun filming at home for viewers to stream episodes. “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” was unable to film regularly, and has started “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” as of March 17.

Every episode of these special editions air on NBC at “The Tonight Show” ’s  regular time slot of every week night at 11:35 p.m. and are uploaded in full to the show’s YouTube channel.

“The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” differs from the normal show set up because it follows host Jimmy Fallon at his house with his family as they aim to recreate the show at home.

Fallon’s wife, Nancy, holds the camera. He thanks her every episode for being the cameraman. The couple’s two young daughters, Winnie, age 6, and Franny, age 4, have made a lot of appearances in these episodes providing comical chaos and mischief as their father tries to deliver the show.

“We really don’t know what this is, but I wanted to get something out there so we can have some levity during these bizarre times. What we’re doing right now is that we are filming at my house,” said Fallon.

Since the online show is filmed at Fallon’s house, it misses many of the elements of the normal production such as his desk, the stage and his in house band “The Roots.” Fallon jokes that his daughter Winnie is his new graphics department.

One thing that remains the same, Fallon has still been interviewing celebrity guests. Fallon has been calling his guests via Zoom since he cannot sit down with them in person. Adam Sandler, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Niall Horan, Tina Fay, Demi Lovato and others have called in.

The show focuses more on raising money for different charities with each episode. Fallon asks each of his guests to personally pick a charity that viewers can donate to. If one watches the show via Youtube, the link to donate is on the same page that they watch the show.

“We aim to keep giving you content every single night we have to do this. Every night we are going to do a different charity and talk about what they are doing for people,” said Fallon.

Fallon’s special edition series has been bringing attention and donations to charities including Feeding America, Save the Children and The National Domestic Workers Alliance.

With the help of guests like Alec Baldwin, the show has been bringing $20,000 on average for the charity highlighted in each episode. “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” has also partnered with State Farm to match up to $100,000 in donations to the Red Cross.

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