Join the Tribe in Annual Spring Musical “Hair”

 BY Samantha O’Donnell 

Staff Reporter

The Theatre Arts Program (TAP) will be putting on their annual spring musical from April 4 to April 7. This year, TAP is taking on the 1960s rock musical, “Hair.”

“‘Hair’ is about a group of hippies who want to spread peace and happiness into the world,” said sophomore cast member, Olivia Porriello. “The shows conflict arises when one of their tribe members, Claude, gets drafted into the Vietnam war.”

“Hair” explores ideas of identity, global responsibility, peace, and community. The show remains as relevant as ever as it examines what it means to be young in a changing world, according to the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts official website. 

The cast is eager to show a live audience what they have been working on for the past four months.

“I am so excited,” said sophomore cast member Emma Trimmings. “Rehearsals are rough, and since we are so close to opening, we have been having 15-hour rehearsal days. We need all that time because the show is so big.”

Since the musical features a close-knit tribe, the cast has connected with one another during the process.

“The cast has really bonded over activities and through the rehearsal process,” said sophomore assistant stage manager Erica Allocca. “They are a family just like the tribe.”

Sophomore Rebecca Radisic plays tribe member Sheila Franklin, who is a relatable character in the musical.

“Sheila is a college freshman at New York University and definitely the most grounded in the tribe,” said Radisic. “She is the most relatable character I’ve ever played and I find her nurturing and motherly personality in myself.”

Senior Henley Solomon talks about what it is like being the leader of the tribe as George Berger.

“He is youth, life, freedom, and expression. He is the kind of person that cannot be tamed or put in a box. He is so confident and not afraid to be himself and I’ve learned so much from him,” said Solomon. “It has been a privilege to play this role, a role originally and traditionally played by a white male. For the first time, we’re exploring the depths of this character from the perspective of someone who is black. This challenge has made the experience so much more interesting and has revealed to me that regardless of our skin color, once we get past all that stuff, we are more alike than different.”

“Hair” features well-known songs, including “Aquarius,” “Frank Mills,” “Good Morning Starshine,” and “Easy to Be Hard,” sung by Radisic.

“‘Easy to be Hard’ is a cult classic, a well-known song from 1968,” said Radisic. “I want to do the song justice and play Sheila as honestly as I can.”

Cast members share what their favorite songs are in the production.

“My favorite song is definitely ‘Electric Blues,’ the act two opener,” said junior cast member Jamie Fitzgerald. “It is super energetic and a lot of fun!”

“Hair” will be performed at the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts on April 4–6 at 8 p.m., and April 7 at 3 p.m. Tickets can be bought at

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