Little Theatre Debuts “Ordinary Days”

BY Christopher Dolan

Staff Reporter

On Thursday Feb. 14, Sacred Heart’s Theatre Program debuted their show, “Ordinary Days” in the Little Theatre.

“I really enjoyed the heartfelt story and the way the actors portrayed the characters. There was a great balance between comedic moments and serious moments,” said sophomore Amanda Kane.

“Ordinary Days,” revolves around four young adults as they go through life. The musical has something for everyone whether it is romance, laughs or surprise twists.

As opening night started, the cast and crew were nervous.

“It was a mix of both excitement and nervous energy. We’ve done this show so many times, so a lot of us have got it down. I had to keep myself on my toes so I was always on time for each of my cues, which was definitely the most nerve wracking for me,” said assistant stage manager Liv Solomon.

Each of the characters has their own personality. Deb, played by Johannah Johnson, who is full of energy and always stressed; Warren, played by Jake Doble, who is always optimistic; Claire, portrayed by Courtney O’Shea, who is hiding a secret past; and Jason, played by Bradly Taylor, who is the hopeless romantic.

The actors mentioned that getting into the heads of their characters is not always easy.

“I think in the beginning it was difficult because it was not just handed to you but as we learned and came up with backstories it became more real,” said junior Courtney O’Shea.

The audience reaction to “Ordinary Days,” was positive, with everyone clapping and cheering at the end of each song. Throughout the musical, a mix of reactions could be heard whether it was laughs or crying depending on the scene.

“This show is phenomenal! Each actor tells their character’s story in a beautiful way, captivating the audience and allowing us to go on their journey with them,” said sophomore Michaela Vieira.

Despite the positive reactions from the audience, the musical did have its challenges during the performance.

“The challenge with this piece is keeping it honest. This is a show about ordinary people leading ordinary lives and it is hard to recapture certain moments,” said senior, assistant director, Henley Soloman.

Other challenges involved the difference between rehearsals and opening night.

“It is always different because the dynamic changes a lot so we will have to get used to that. We are used to doing it in front of a crew. We have to see how our characters play with the audience,” said junior Jake Doble.

However, there were things that went well according to the actors.

“The nice thing was that we knew the music right off the bat. We came in jamming,” said senior Bradley Taylor.

With both positives and negatives, “Ordinary Days” had a successful night.

“The show ‘Ordinary Days,’ is really funny and filled with great music! The Theatre Arts Program always finds great talented cast members for all their shows,” said junior Chris Conte.

“Ordinary Days,” continues to play in the Little Theatre from Feb. 21-24, tickets can be purchased online at the, or the Box Office.

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