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Women’s fashion has evolved heavily over the years, but many ask what brought about these news trends and who revolutionized the fashion industry to what it is today?

Mary Quant, 60s fashion icon and creator of the miniskirt, is a particular hot topic since the release of the documentary “Quant.” This documentary, released on Oct. 29, takes a deeper look into the life of Quant and how she changed the world of fashion at such a controversial time in the United States.

“I have been following fashion for as long as a I can remember. With my father in this field of work as well, my interest in fashion kind of fell in my lap. I learned about the history of Quant a while back ago and have just recently watched the new documentary. I thought it was great and gave the audience a chance to see the work behind fashion,” said junior Alaina DeRose, a fashion marketing and merchandising major.

According to The Guardian, “Quant,” directed by Sadie Frost, “tracks the designer’s career, from opening her boutique in Chelsea to running the world’s first global super brand.” Her signature miniskirt changed the way women dressed. Her passion and legacy were to inspire women to embrace their own beauty and reject their parents’ vision.

Actress Camilla Rutherford stars in the documentary as Quant. According to IMDb, this is “the first official feature documentary celebrating the incredible life of one of the most influential icons of the twentieth century.”

“The documentary was very informational. It wasn’t emotional in a sense of character, but the overall message and life of Mary Quant was delivered in an easy-to-understand fashion. I do highly suggest watching this documentary if you have any interest in the history of the fashion industry,” said DeRose.

Prof. David Loranger, an assistant professor of fashion marketing and merchandising, shared some information about Mary Quant’s background in the industry.

“Mary Quant was a true example of a designer who captured the Zeitgeist (feeling of the time) of the 1960s. There was a lot of social upheaval during this period, including the women’s liberation movement, flower power and the Pill,” said Loranger. “Quant’s aesthetic encapsulated these social movements in the form of fashion. Mary Quant once said that ‘Coco Chanel hated her and she could see why.’”

The miniskirt was one of her many accomplishments in the industry. Quant is also the creator of Fun-proof mascara and party flats, and she made sure that pockets were featured in just about all her designs.

She brought her party-like atmosphere into the business, with the design of the miniskirt intending to represent a young spirit.

According to The Guardian, Quant said, “Clothes are a statement about what one wants to be.” Her godson, Jasper Conran, said, “She was the first to make clothes you could run for the bus in. Quant gave us fashion with flexibility. Her clothes were to enable women to get up and go wherever they wanted.”        

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