New March Music

Multiple artists, from pop to country, have released new music this month. Popular singers like Justin Bieber, Drake, Bruno Mars and Thomas Rhett, along with others, have released singles or albums so far in March.

“I’m overwhelmed in the best possible way with the number of back-to-back releases going on in the music industry. It’s something we need and something to look forward to because people are really going through personal battles in times like this,” said senior Kali D’Agostinis, who previously served as an intern for Z100, New York’s Hit Music Station.

Every Friday, artists are releasing their new albums for their fans to listen to. March especially has been a big month for music with many back-to-back releases from multiple artists.

There are many performers releasing music, one of which being Justin Bieber, who released a new single titled “Hold On” on March 5. According to, the song will be included in his sixth album release titled “Justice” coming out on March 19. The release of Bieber’s new music is expected to have his fans excited to listen.

“I have no doubt that the music he is releasing will be just as amazing and talented as the last five studio albums he has released throughout his career,” said D’Agostinis.

Along with Bieber, Bruno Mars is another artist who released a new song this month. His song titled “Leave the Door Open” is the debut single from the duo Silk Sonic which includes Anderson Paak and Mars, according to The song was released on March 5 and has many people becoming fans of this new duo.

“I love Bruno Mars’s new song ‘Leave The Door Open,’” said sophomore Hailey Morelli.

Drake released a new EP consisting of three songs on March 5 as well. The EP is titled “Scary Hours 2.”

“The minute Drake’s new EP dropped, it immediately hit the top of the charts. ‘What’s Next,’ highlighting a Playboi Carti type beat, debuted at #1 on the Spotify global chart. ‘Wants and Needs’ is the third biggest global debut while ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ is fourth. It’s not my favorite Drake project, but I still respect the unexpected new music drop,” said junior Maddie Craig.

In addition to many big-name artists, some artists who may not be as well-known have released music this month. On March 5, artist Quinn XCII released his fourth studio album titled “Change of Scenery II.” According to, the album was “produced by long-time collaborator and old friend, Ayokay, and the album returns to many of the uplifting and nostalgic sounds of ‘Change of Scenery.’” “Change of Scenery” is an EP that Quinn XCII released in 2015.

Formerly, in the United States, albums were released on Tuesdays. According to Vox, “since the 2013 surprise Friday drop of her album, Beyoncé has created a ripple effect through popular culture.”

“Nothing is better than new music Friday during a stressful and crowded week,” said D’Agostinis.

“I like how all these artists are releasing new songs for everyone to listen to this month to help us get through the obviously challenging times,” said Morelli.

Social media is a helpful way for many artists to get their music to circulate for more people to hear. For instance, on March 2, singers Ashe and FINNEAS released a song titled “Till Forever Falls Apart” that was trending on the social media app TikTok.

In addition, on March 4, artist Nick Jonas released a new song titled “Spaceman” and Maroon 5 released a song titled “Beautiful Mistakes” featuring Meghan Thee Stallion.

“This is important for the music industry. As new music is being released, it is creating a bigger platform for these musicians and artists to venture out and take part in collaborations and build their audience and fanbase,” said D’Agostinis.

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