Nicki Minaj Cancels Another Tour Date

BY Elisha Brown

Contributing Writer

On March 9, Nicki Minaj cancelled another one of her tour dates while on tour with rapper Juice WRLD.

This is the second time the rapper has canceled a concert at the last minute. Many of her concertgoers had already arrived at the arena in Bordeaux, France when they were informed that the concert would not be happening. In February, her concert in Bratislava was also canceled due to alleged technical difficulties.

Minaj proceeded to post on her Instagram story in an attempt to explain to her fans that lack of electricity is the reason she had to cancel her concert. She also addressed her fans on Twitter and said, “Why would an artist cancel a show and lose money? What for? When they are already in the building, dressed, etc. The artist is just as mad as the fans when a show cannot go on. I love seeing my fans. Nothing can stop me.”

Fans replied to her tweet with overwhelming support and understanding while others expressed their discontentment.

Commentators seem to be split about whether Nicki Minaj is lying or telling the truth about why her show was canceled.

Hosts of the hit pop culture podcast that reaches over 85 million listens, “Crissle and Kid Fury of “The Read,” suggested the cancellations were because of low-ticket sales.

One student felt torn about whether or not to believe Nicki Minaj or to believe speculation about low-ticket sales.

“I just think it would be such a diva move if she really did cancel because of low ticket sales. They couldn’t have been that low. Maybe, it was just a number she was not used to or it was just lower than her last album’s tour. If that’s the case, then she’s being ungrateful because people are still coming out in large numbers,” said sophomore Amy Stoyer.

Others had expresses similar concerns.

“Tours are how artists make a lot of their money. Therefore, I would hope she really did have a technical problem. Otherwise, why would you cancel a date and lose money, like she said,” said senior Giselle Thomas.

Minaj has six tour dates left in March, including one today in Esch-sur-alzette, Luxembourg. Her last stop on her European tour is Geneva.

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