No Slowing Down Michael Bublé

BY Annie May

Staff Reporter

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and your playlists may soon be filled with Holiday tunes.

Michael Bublé released a Christmas album in 2011 that featured many covers of popular holiday tunes, which seems to reappear over and over again each holiday season. The album is titled “Michael Bublé Christmas.”

“I love Michael Bublé. My parents and I have been listening to him for forever. His Christmas album is one of my favorites,” said sophomore Catherine Diane Albo.

Bublé’s famous Christmas album isn’t the only reason he has been talked about lately.

Bublé was recently quoted saying that he would be retiring from the music scene following his son’s battle with cancer. However, he recently told USA Today that he was misquoted, and shut down any rumors of retirement.

“If I can continue to have joy and to bring joy and for my journey to be a happy one, I’ll probably keep going until the news of my death comes out, which will probably be fake too,” said Bublé in a recent video Interview with USA Today.

Although Bublé originally gained attention in the music scene for covering jazz standards, his holiday album has gained him just as much attention. Seemingly journeying back to his roots, his new album, entitled “Love” is set to be released Nov. 16. It features 13 songs, all of which are covers of jazz standards.

“I didn’t actually hear about the new album but I’m so excited to hear it. I love his music so much,” said Albo

Not all of Sacred Heart University’s students are eagerly awaiting the album release.

“As someone who has been singing jazz music for years, I’m personally just not a fan of Buble’s covers. He just doesn’t do anything different with them,” said junior Sofia Iacono.

This past week, on a segment of “Carpool Karoke” on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Michael Bublé opened up about his son Noah’s battle with cancer.

“It’s so hard to have to acknowledge it because it’s so hard to talk about. We got the diagnosis and that was it man, my whole life ended,” said Bublé.

Bublé became emotional, saying, “I’m not okay. My wife, honestly when this all started, I became the strength to somehow pull us and lift us and to be positive and when they got it out and the chemo was done the doctors said ‘we did it, it’s good, he’s okay’ I fell. I just fell, and my wife picks me up now,” said Bublé.

Students reacted to the struggles that Bublé was facing.

“I can’t believe everything he has had to go through with his son. It is just so sad. I don’t blame him for need a break from touring and everything. I’m just glad it was just a rumor,” said Albo.

He urged viewers at the end of the segment to donate to cancer research and treatments.

“You think you’re one little person who can’t make a change, but all of us can completely make that huge difference. If you do it and you save just one little person, that’s it,” said Bublé

With this “Carpool Karaoke” segment receiving 5.3 million views on Youtube so far, Bublé’s plea for help seems to be capturing world-wide attention.

According to Cure Search for Children’s Cancer, every day 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.

Whether it is his iconic Christmas album, an upcoming jazz album, a tour cancellation rumor or even discussing with vulnerability his son’s recent battle with cancer, there is no slowing down for Bublé.

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