On the Stage: A Review of TAPs Production of ‘Little Women’

A Review of TAPs Production of ‘Little Women’Attending Sacred Heart’s live production of “Little Women” proved to be a transformative experience, from which I obtained valuable life lessons. Throughout the play, a recurring theme of kindness resonated, illustrating the importance of spreading goodwill. The actors delivered a spectacular performance, they fully immersed themselves into their characters, it felt authentic. The production showcased attention to detail, it was evident in their crafted set designs made by students, well executed lighting, and period appropriate costumes that transported me to the 19th century. Beyond the visuals, the play was a reminder to not take things for granted and to appreciate them in the present moment. The play also expressed a powerful sense of women’s empowerment. A line that lingered with me for the rest of the night, “ You’ve proven you can provoke anyone.” This line demonstrated a recognition of a woman’s ability to assert herself, speak her mind, challenge societal norms, and influence change. The show was so beautifully put together that a few tears also made an appearance. Note to myself for future shows, stash some tissues, these plays make you fully immerse yourself into these remarkable performances. Well done to everyone in the theater production!

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