“Ride the Cyclone” with TAP

Sacred Heart University’s Theater Arts Program (TAP) kicked off their newest show, “Ride the Cyclone,” on Oct. 26 and is running until Nov. 5 at the Little Theatre.

According to edgertoncenter.org, the show follows six teenagers from a Canadian chamber choir after a roller coaster accident cuts their lives short. When they wake up in limbo, a mechanical fortune teller offers a proposition: to each share their story for a second chance at life.

“The whole idea of the show is that these kids had gotten in a roller coaster accident and they’re reflecting on their life. One person gets to come back to life again and get a second try,” said senior cast member Brad Hutchison who plays Mischa. “But in the end, they realize that they all had 17 great years of life.”

Senior Amanda Palma, who attended the show opening night said, “I really liked the show. It was different from anything I’ve seen before, and it had such an interesting storyline. The way the acts were performed made it feel interactive, it was really cool.”

There are many aspects of the show that make it different from other productions held in the Little Theatre.

“There’s a lot of cool elements that have gone into the show that will leave audiences very entertained,” said Hutchison. “Our set is awesome. We have real rollercoaster cars, a bumper car, a spaceship from the amusement park and our projections are some of the best projections that I’ve seen.”

The musical falls under multiple genres that wouldn’t typically be included in the same show. Hutchison said, “It’s hard to believe that all these songs are from the same show because it goes all over the place. There’s a disco number, a ballad, a rap, a scary spooky song and more.”

Senior Christopher Conte who plays Noel said, “The show is so unique because there’s a little bit for everyone. Each of our characters, our songs and our journeys are so individually different, not only stylistically with the music, but I think there’s people from all different walks of life that can relate to at least one character on the stage.”

The show has proven to be popular among SHU students as the program added three extra shows after the original dates were sold out.

Grace Posillico, senior production stage manager said, “Having it sold-out, this is the biggest Little Theatre show in a while; the biggest Little Theatre show ever, in my opinion.”

An important part of the show is the overall message it delivers to the audience.

“As much as it is a zany and quirky musical, its core message is what it means to have a life that is well lived. Really appreciate your life and do not take anything for granted because it could all change in a moment. I think it is a really beautiful message and something people will definitely connect with,” said Conte.

“It’s a crazy show. Some parts don’t make any sense, some parts hit deep and you don’t even realize they make sense or connect with you. I think it’s just going to be a special one and we’re ready for an audience,” said Posillico. “It’s going to be a fun experience to go with a friend or with your family and just watch.”

The upcoming show dates include Nov. 2-4 at 8 p.m., Nov. 4 at 2 p.m., Nov. 5 at 3 p.m., and 7 p.m. Further ticket information can be found on edgertoncenter.org.

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