Sacred Heart’s Band and Choir Programs Prepare for Halloween

By Alexa Bianchi

Staff Reporter

The Sacred Heart University community is getting into the Halloween spirit as the student band prepares for “Halloween Spooktacular!” and the student choir program prepares for “Pipescreams.”

Sacred Heart’s 4 Heart Harmony, Concert Choir and the Ladies Only Vocal Ensemble, SHU L.O.V.E., will be joined by the University of Bridgeport Choir, Norma Pfriem Children’s Choir and Fairfield Country Children’s Choir at the 15th annual “Pipescreams” concert on Sunday, Oct. 30.

“At ‘Pipescreams,’ there are different groups from all over the county performing. It’s awesome to see everyone come together,” said senior Leda Ferranti.

Members of the choir will be dressing up in costumes and encourage audience members to do so as well to engage with the event.

“There will obviously be great music, but one can also expect the performers to be dressed up in crazy costumes that usually correspond with the style of music being performed,” said junior Morgan Talley. “There is also a costume contest that goes on simultaneously so people in the audience are dressed in interesting costumes as well. This makes it a lot of fun.”

“Pipescreams” will include a variety of styles of music throughout the concert.

“The style of music being sung is very sadistic because it’s Halloween. However, it’s not your average Halloween tunes,” said Talley. “Some repertoire is from musicals and others are Latin. It’s always a large mixture to keep the audience engaged.”

“Pipescreams” has aspects that differ from the typical choir concert. The venue and costumes create an energy that exceeds other performances.

“It is performed in a smaller venue and you get to have fun with it,” said Talley. “There’s a lot more energy in ourselves and in the audience with the excitement of being dressed the part. The performance at ‘Pipescreams’ never seems to disappoint.”

The Sacred Heart student band’s performance, “Halloween Spooktacular!,” takes place on Monday, Oct. 31.

“The ‘Halloween Spooktacular!’ will be the 2016-2017 school year premiere of the Sacred Heart concert band. It will also be the return of the Halloween concert,” said junior Eric Willenbrock.

The band is incorporating different techniques to reach different tastes of members in the audience.

“For anyone attending the show, they can expect a spread of music that will keep them engaged throughout the whole concert,” said junior Sarah Sullivan. “The music being played includes great technique and finesse, but will grab any audience member’s attention with some fun noises thrown in as well.”

Audience members should also be prepared for a diverse set list of songs.

“The music being played spans from Japanese anime to coyotes to haunted carnivals and carousels,” said Sullivan.

The “Halloween Spooktacular!” will showcase an even more exciting side of the band.

“Usually band performances consist of classical and high rating works, but this concert is different,” said Sullivan. “It consists of fun and more engaging songs that still demand the same amount of practice and attention as our usual material.”

Willenbrock said that the Halloween theme will add something unforgettable to the performance.

“At the show you can expect exceptional musical arrangements set to the theme of the season, along with the band dressed in their Halloween costumes,” said Willenbrock. “It’ll truly be a concert to remember.”

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