SCMA Hosts Photography Exhibit for Sara Anastasi’s Work

On Nov. 7, the School of Communication, Media and the Arts (SCMA) held an exhibit in the Frank & Marisa Martire Center to showcase the photography of senior Sara Anastasi. The exhibit displayed approximately 24 pictures in the Media and Performing Arts wing of the Martire Center. The photos were taken from Prof. Richard Falco’s photography class and the Easton Courier, an online newspaper.

Falco spoke upon the importance of storytelling through photography and how it is often used for evidence, documentation and capturing moments objectively. He also touched on the importance of how multiple photos put together have the power to tell a story that is raw and natural, which he believed Anastasi showed through her photos displayed in the exhibit.

“As a journalist, truth is a word that I live by. My photographs tell the stories of genuine people and their stories. When I go out and shoot, I look for a sense of moment, a special snapshot in time,” said Anastasi.

“The best photographs are not always the ones that are ‘perfect’ in technicality or that follow the ‘rules’ of photography,” she said. “What I feel creates a truly powerful photograph are the ones that exude emotion, ideas or concepts.”

The first panel of the exhibit showcased photos taken from her photojournalism final project in Falco’s class. The pictures included events from the Best Buddies program on campus. Best Buddies is an international non-profit organization that develops friendships between those with and without intellectual disabilities.

According to Sacred Heart University’s Engage website, Best Buddies’ mission is to “provide the ultimate campus life to all our members, to recognize the special abilities that each of us have and to empower those who have abilities through involvement on campus.”

“The friendships I’ve made through the program have left a lasting impact on me. This experience has not only enhanced my college career but also instilled in me a stronger appreciation for inclusivity and the importance of advocacy in my life,” said senior Rowan Philpott , a member of Best Buddies, who is pictured in the exhibit.

“This organization holds a special place in my heart. I have two younger siblings with disabilities, and I think my passion for advocacy shows through my photographs,” said Anastasi.

The second part of her panel showcased a plethora of different assignments she has done for the Easton Courier. The Easton Courier is a nonprofit, online newspaper that is partnered with SCMA at Sacred Heart University and members of Easton, Conn.

Anastasi interned for this online newspaper as both a photographer and a journalist during the summer and fall of 2023. Through the Easton Courier, Anastasi was able to improve her photojournalism skills and was able to network with others.

“My experience working for the Easton Courier has been an amazing opportunity not only for me to gain experience working as a reporter and photographer, but to also network with community individuals and other Sacred Heart students,” said Anastasi.

The Easton Courier has given many opportunities to Sacred Heart students, allowing them to experience and work in a professional environment.

“Last year we won 23 awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, six of them were won by students,” said Falco.

Falco helped organize Anastasi’s exhibit and guided her through her photojournalism experience with the Easton Courier.

“I’ve watched her evolve from a person who is taking a photo to a person who really seems to have found the love for photography and is using it to gain a voice,” said Falco.

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