SET Brings Stars Hollow to Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart University’s (SHU) Student Events Team (SET) is hosting a week of on campus events inspired by the fall favorite TV show, “Gilmore Girls.” From Nov. 13 to Nov. 18 a variety of free, creative events are scheduled for “Gilmore Girls’’ fans or anyone trying to get into the fall mood. The week began with a coffee bar and coloring, as well as a scrabble coaster crafting event.

“‘Gilmore Girls’ is my comfort show,” said freshman Gianna Delmedico. “It’s the perfect show to binge during the fall and I’m so excited that SET is holding events inspired by it.”

One event that stands out is the Luke’s Diner event that is going to be held at JP’s Diner on Wednesday, Nov. 15 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“The event that I’m looking forward to the most is Luke’s Diner because that’s such an iconic part of the show and for SHU to be able to recreate that at JP’s Diner is so creative and fun,” said Delmedico.

Sophomore Isabella Defrancesco, SET’s Theme Chair, said there will be a menu based on “Gilmore Girls” including Miss Patty’s patty melt, pumpkin pancakes, and a specialty pop tart milkshake. There will also be a prize raffle, trivia cards and stickers on the table to flip through.

“The objective of theme weeks is to expand the horizons of events at Sacred Heart and to engage students interested in particular themes and topics,” said senior Molly Teeter, President of SET. “For theme weeks, or any of SET’s events in general, the goal is to provide a good time to students and give them something to do outside of class where they can make friends and overall have fun.”

“We know not everyone has the easiest time adjusting to college,” said Defrancesco. “It’s providing the opportunity for the students to have simple interactions that they will remember.”

The rest of the events scheduled are tote bag painting on Thursday, Nov. 16, and custom sign making with paints and jewels, along with a projection of the show on Friday, Nov. 17. And lastly, a Friendsgiving inspired by the “Gilmore Girls” Thanksgiving episode where there will be mini pies, activities, and a mashed potato bar, will take place on Saturday, Nov. 18. All of these events will be located on the third floor of Linda’s. The times of these events can be found on SET’s Instagram @ shu_set.

Defrancesco said, “The Student Events Team is a great way for people to get involved and to be connected to the students. We take our general members’ opinions

so much in hand because we want feedback from students.”
“When we plan our events, we like to take what the students like and do our best

to make it happen. As general members of SET, they tell us what they want to bring to campus and then members of the executive board reach out to different vendors in order to make it happen,” said Teeter.

General member meetings occur biweekly on Mondays at 10:10 p.m. in HC104. Students are encouraged to reach out to an executive board member that is working the event or to DM SET on Instagram with any ideas that they want to see. “All of the events organized by SET so far this semester have been so amazing,” said Delmedico. “I know that the ‘Gilmore Girls’ week is going to be just as fun.”

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