“Sex and the City” Reboot

Are you excited about the fashion in the “Sex and the City” reboot?

Many Sacred Heart University students are looking forward to seeing what the cast will be wearing in the upcoming show.

“I watch reruns on E! whenever ‘Sex and the City’ is on just for the fashion,” said junior Calista Zahos. “I am so excited to see if they will incorporate the fashion from twenty years ago or just be completely modern.”

Although the original series wrapped up in 2004, the story isn’t over yet. The main characters Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will be returning for a 10-part revival airing on HBO Max, titled “And just Like That,” to navigate life and friendship in their fifties.

In the original series, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is the writer of the “Sex and the City” column for the fictional New York Star. The original show focused on Carrie and her three friend’s love for fashion,

romantic relationships and life changes in their thirties and forties. Living in Manhattan, despite their different lives, they remain best friends.

“In 1998, high school girls would gather at a friend’s house each week to catch the latest episode of Sex and the City. It was before social media, and this show single-handedly exposed and lured new demographics to luxury bags, shoes, and style,” said Material Culture in History Prof. Ellen Gang.

According to fashion stylist Cameron Silver, “The show was the first to name-drop designers and brands on a regular basis. It taught a generation about designer fashion and had a tremendous impact on our knowledge of style.”

“Charlotte was more traditional, preppy, tame and ladylike wearing more reserved ‘country club’ looks in pastel dresses. Miranda, a lawyer, dressed in no-nonsense suits in serious colors, often black. Carrie was flirty, fun and feminine. She is probably remembered most for her Fendi ‘baguette’ bag, and her Manolo Blahnik heels,” said Prof. Ellen Gang.

In some of the latest shots from the reboot, Carrie was wearing her famous Fendi baguette, as well as the new Gucci x Balenciaga bag, making it the bag’s first sighting since Alessandro Michele dropped the collection in April.

Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, is bringing back ruffles in Givenchy. Cynthia Nixon, who stars as Miranda, is keeping her classic silhouette with a Altuzarra button up suit.

Many people online have expressed their disappointment that Kim Cattrall will not be making an appearance in the reboot as Samantha. She is now replaced by Nicole Ari Parker who will play Lisa Todd Wexley, a notably chic documentarian, and Sara Ramírez’s as Che Diaz, an edgy non-binary comedian.

In some of the revealed photos, Nicole Ari Parker was rocking a bold pink and yellow suit, only to hint at her attitude for the show. Sara Ramírez’s character has more of a laid-back streetwear look, different from the rest of the characters.

“And Just Like That” will have stylist Molly Rogers, Patricia Field’s protegge from the original show, along with co-costume designer from the “Sex and the City” movies, Danny Santigao.

Some Sacred Heart University students commented on their favorite looks from both the original and new series.

“My favorite outfit from Carrie was when she was wearing her fur coat, had her hair in a messy bun and was carrying multiple shopping bags.” said Zahos. “It has a laid back, yet chic luxurious look to it.”

Another outfit worn by Carrie, has her in a fuchsia Carolina Herrera dress with a studded Streets Ahead belt she wore in the first “Sex and the City” movie and her vintage Judith Leiber clutch, that Big gave Carrie in the original show’s second season.

“I like how simple it is, but the contrast of colors between the purple dress and the turquoise purse looks really good and classy,” said junior Gianna Paseka.

“It’s hard to imagine that the reboot could be as groundbreaking as the original show,” said Gang. “It’s no longer shocking for women to dress provocatively, in large part a credit to ‘Sex and the City.’”

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