The Second Annual Guitar Festival

Musicians jamming out at the second annual Guitar Fest. Photo by Alana Ferrone/Spectrum.
Musicians jamming out at the second annual Guitar Fest. Photo by Alana Ferrone/Spectrum.

By Jessica Andriani

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University’s Second Annual Guitar Festival took place on Wednesday, Oct. 19 in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts. The event featured artists Gene Bertoncini, Jeff Fuller, Richard Miller, David Finck, Music Professor Leco Reis and Director of Academic Music Programs, Joe Carter.

The festival focuses on and features the musical stylings of the guitar, and it is a new tradition at Sacred Heart. It gives students and the surrounding community a chance to see experienced performers showcase their talent and to connect with their music.

The first Guitar Festival took place at Sacred Heart’s Chapel last year on Nov. 10 and had a full audience. After previously only having two acts perform at this event, a third act was added for this year’s festival and was moved into the Edgerton Theatre to make room for a larger audience.

“This concert focuses on multiple performers presenting music on the same instrument. Other concerts might focus on an individual composer, like our Spring Jobimfest, dedicated to presenting the music of Brazilian composer, Antonio Carlos Jobim,” said Carter. “Most of the other concerts are also one performer or one group. This is three, giving three different perspectives. All three will perform in the guitar and acoustic bass format, creating a chamber-like sound.”

The concert began with Reis on the bass and Miller on the guitar with a slow piece titled, “See If You Like It.” Both performers worked off of each other and included a bass solo. Reis and Miller then explained the meaning behind each piece and played three more compositions.

“My professor’s passion while on the bass makes these pieces so enticing and fun to watch,” said junior Lynsey Richardson. “It also soothes the soul.”

Reis and Miller’s fourth and final piece, “Incompatibility of Personality,” had a faster pace and was said to be one of their favorite numbers to perform.

The second duo of the night included Finck on stand up bass and Carter on the guitar. They began with a piece titled, “We in the Sea.” Each number kept a steady pulse and included numerous guitar and bass solos.

Carter said that the style of their third piece, “The Little Lion,” was similar to folk music.

“I liked their third piece,” said senior Alexandra Mango. “It was like a lullaby, very slow.”

Finck and Carter ended their collaboration performance with an original tune written by Carter.

The third and final act of the night included Fuller on the bass and Bertoncini on the guitar. Their first piece, “Alone Together,” began with a guitar solo and the bass coming in shortly after. It kept a slow pace and had long pauses.

“The bass being played with the bow in ‘Alone Together’ gave a very solemn feel to it,” said Mango.

Fuller and Bertoncini concluded their duo performance with four more songs.

To conclude the event, the festival ended with Carter calling all of the performers from the night onto the stage to perform the finale. It was a fast-paced tune and included all of the artists playing together as one.

“Soothe your fears with our music,” said Carter.

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