Keep on Dancing: A Positive Playlist for All

Music can play a major role in our lives. It can comfort us through hard times and be there to celebrate those happy moments.

We all have songs that remind us of specific moments in our lives or that one song that we blast in the car and sing the lyrics at the top of our lungs every time it comes on.

Jill and I created a playlist based on the lyrics from Harry Styles’s song “Treat People with Kindness.” He sings, “Feeling good in my skin, I just keep on dancing.” Last year, Audrey’s Corner featured an article based on this song called “Treating People with Kindness” by Andrew Kane. You can view this article online by going to and clicking on “Past Articles” under the tab “Audrey’s Corner.”

In addition to our top picks, we turned to our friends to see what some of their go-to songs are, the ones that we dance in our kitchen to like nobody is watching. Their suggestions ranged from classic rock to pop and even a country song or two.

Of course, we started the playlist with the song that inspired it, “Treat People with Kindness.” Then we moved on to Jill’s and my own personal picks and our friends’ recommendations. For me, the song “Sunday Best” by Surfaces is one of my favorites with the lyrics “feeling good like I should.” Then I selected a song that always puts me into a positive mood: “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. And a playlist is never complete without some classic rock, so there are two songs that almost everyone knows by Queen and Journey.

One song I kept hearing my friends suggest has been a favorite by several TikTok users, “Time of Our Lives” by Pitbull. With the lyrics and upbeat rhythm, he puts us all at ease by letting us know that if we are going through tough times, he has “been there, done that” too.

There probably isn’t a song from a Disney movie that doesn’t make us happy. “Hakuna Matata” from “The Lion King” teaches us about having no worries. Rascal Flatts’s “Life is a Highway” is a song we sing “all night long.”

No matter the genre, music brings us together, and we hope this playlist helps you to keep on dancing. This playlist is for all and for anytime you want some positive vibes. Feel free to listen to it when you’re on your own, with friends and family, on the road, or even studying for finals.

Simply follow this link: It will bring you to Spotify, where as soon as you press play, you can start dancing like nobody’s watching.

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