Pictures of Happiness

This week Audrey’s Corner celebrates “Moments of Happiness” with photography submissions from Sacred Heart students.

Gas Station Pitstops

By Kailey Blount

“This actually was a moment of anxiety! My sister and I were stuck in a snowstorm driving home from school. We pulled over into a gas station to wait out the worst of the weather. There, my sister captured this photo of me. To soothe my anxiety, she had been cracking jokes about the situation. I look back at this memory now with joy. It reminds me that the company we keep can turn a time of crisis into a moment of happiness.”

The Sheep Brigade

By Jillian Reis

“I went to Ireland with SHU for the study abroad in Dingle and we got to go to this place that had a bunch of sheep. We got to hold baby sheep (the one I got was thick and he was not having it), but we also got to go and pet the older sheep. As soon as I went in, a flock of sheep surrounded me. One of them even went under my butt so I was practically sitting on it! I loved the attention from the animals, and I loved giving them attention even more!”

Fuzzy Mornings

By Camille Vail

“Early mornings I wake up to a ball of fluff in my face. My youngest cat, Poppy, absolutely loves cuddles, especially when it includes attempting to smother me! Maneuvering enough to not bother her while also taking this picture was a tricky feat, but this time it was a success. The look of absolute content on her face makes a lungful of fur worth it every time.”

Back of My Mind Tour

By Ayasha Cantey

“For my first concert, I was able to see my favorite artist. I was accompanied by my twin cousins who are also dedicated H.E.R. fans. If you love H.E.R.s music, I recommend attending one of her concerts! It is a life changing experience!!! The Back of My Mind album, was one filled with emotion and honesty. The live band definitely added to the experience!”

Sisters Playing Chess

By Jill Amari

“My sister (right) and I enjoyed traveling a lot in summer 2022, and our mom captured this moment of happiness at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, Mass. Peek the giant chess board!”

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