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He is almost 6 years of age
· His owner’s name is Alla Schlate
· As to hobbies: he loves: – to be loved; – to learn new things; – to play with squirrels (offering them his toys, but they still run for their lives away from himJ)
· I love him because he has the most genuine smile on his face when I come home from work
Students report that they often feel overwhelmed with how much they have do and with the pressures of college life in general. We bring the therapy dogs to campus to provide an easy opportunity to take a purposeful break from the daily stress that they are experiencing. Our goal is to remind students that finding time every day for self-care can have a positive impact on their ability to manage stress and their overall sense of well-being -Karen Flanagan.

Audrey Niblo, was a strong believer in the bonds that animals can create with their owners. She believed the love and support provided from a pet was very important. She often spoke about the love she had for her own dogs and the support they gave her.

Name: Harley
Age: 2
Owner: Chelsea Sedlar
Likes/Hobbies: sleeping, eating, playing with shoe laces
Dislikes: vacuums, cat haters
Why I love my pet: He has such a loving personality. Every time I come home from a long day of practice and classes, the first thing he does is run over and give me a hug. He always makes me laugh when I am sitting doing homework or watching tv and he is running around the room chasing his tennis ball.
Name: Trishy Fishy
Age: Five months
Owners: Abigail Frisoli, Ashlyn Ibarra, Cassidy Baldauf, Amanda Amiano
Favorite things/hobbies: Ignoring her food, pretending she’s dead, and trying to jump.
Why I love my pet: She is Abby’s first pet ever and she has always wanted a fish!
Name: willow
Age: 12
Owner: Tessa A. Kielbasa
Favorite thing: eating, playing with zippers I love her cause she’s the light of my life and I love her more than I will love any other human
Name: Gwen
Owner: Grace Fleishman
Age: Almost 3 months old!
Favorite things/Hobbies: escaping her cage, and playing with paper towel rolls
Why I love my pet: Gwen lights up my day, I love coming home to see her excited to play! She is so energetic and always wants to be around people.
Name: Tiger and Lily
Age: 13
Owner(s): Mark Mascia
Favorite things/hobbies: for them: lounging, sleeping, complaining, and purring. For me: ice hockey (spectator), reading, the theatre, and watching cat videos on YouTube
Why I love my pet: Because they are very sweet and loving cats!
Photo Photo
Name:  Taco (left) Name: Smores (right)
Age: 9.5 Age: 9.5
Owner(s): Melanie DaSilva
(Taco)Favorite things/hobbies: I love to run around the backyard chasing birds, barking at the mailman, and laying on Melanie’s head when she tries to sleep so she can play with me more.(Smores)  Favorite things/hobbies: Sleeping, running into walls and furniture by accident, playing fetch, and sitting on top of the couch staring out of the window for hours looking for new friends
(Taco) Why I love my pet: He is crazy, but everyday is something new and I love him! (Smores) Why I love my pet: He is crazy, and is the best snuggle buddy ever! I love him just as much
Hi My name is Emma Lyn Schwartz and I’m a Junior
My Pets names are Asuka and Rei. They are rats! 🙂 (they are fantastic pets despite the reputation of their ferral counterparts!)
Their favorite things to do are eat snacks, cuddle, and explore.
I love them for an endless amount of reasons but one being: we are there for each other!
12 years old
I am his owner- Erica Condon
He loves sunbathing and eating tuna
I love Rocky because he always follows me around and is my napping buddy
NAME: Paulie
Age: 13
Owner: Amanda Magno
Favorite things/hobbies: Going for long walks, playing with squeaky toys, barking at other dogs & eating a lot of chicken!
Why I love my pet: He always puts a smile on my face & I look forward to seeing him every time I go home!

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