Calling All Future RSAs: Applications Open Now!

Sacred Heart Office of Residential Life has opened the  Residential Success Assistant (RSA) applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

Associate Director of Residential Life, Beth Anne Voight-Jause, monitors the RSAs and aids in conflict resolution situations. She also oversees a building of students and responds to emergencies.

Things that Voight-Jause looks for in RSAs are for them to be “personable, approachable, friendly, and have some level of organization,” said Voight-Jause.

She expressed that being an RSA is a leadership role but also a job.

“My number one piece of advice for applicants is to be themselves,” said Voight-Jause “we are not looking for one specific person, but a diverse group of students.”

They are also required to present programs to maintain a learning and social atmosphere. Giving their residents educational opportunities outside the classroom. RSAs take on many roles and responsibilities, though the ability to serve their residential community and make a difference is worth it.

Senior Resident Director, Chnoa Manso-Vargas, chose to become a Resident Success Assistant (RSA) after having such an amazing RSA her freshman year.

“My favorite part about being an RSA overall is we really get to impact the community especially residential-wise,” said Manso-Vargas “We really make an impact on our campus, and we do not even realize it.”

Being a full-time undergraduate student, Manso-Vargas accredits her time-management and organizational skills to maintaining her role as an RSA. There is no typical day-to-day work as situations arise and conflicts must be dealt with.

The one-on-one and group interactions allow RSA to build lasting connections with residents and peers. The residents are often a diverse group of students, as they come from different locations and have different interests as well as different living habits.

Maintaining a safe living space for everyone is essential. While each RSA deals with different residential areas around Sacred Heart University, they are there for each other to lend a helping hand.

One of the most important parts of an RSA role while on active duty is to go on walks. This entails checking areas such as the bathrooms, emergency exits, and perimeters.

Senior, Jacquelyn Palumbo enjoys getting to meet new people and watching her residents grow throughout the year. As a biology major and heavily involved on campus, she still manages her time to be on active duty from 8 to 11 p.m. on weekdays and weekends from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. when scheduled.

The application process to become an RSA can be different for everyone. “Don’t get discouraged if you get put in the alternate pool. I was there once too, and I eventually got the position, said Palumbo “Some of the happiest and best RSAs I know were in the alternate pool.”

The application process consists of a general question application, followed by an interview. Lastly, a group processing day full of fun team bonding activities to see how well everyone works as a team and would fit in the RSA position.

Applications are now open, and SHU is looking for more RSAs. “Look for the emails and apply! Ask RSAs you know questions; it can be really helpful,” said Palumbo. Applications can be found on the Sacred Heart University website under the Residential Life section.

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