Club Running

By Sara Terpak

Asst. Features Editor

There are currently 29 registered club sports teams at Sacred Heart University. And Club Running is the newest of that 29.

Sophomore Nicola Paerg founded this club in October 2018 to share her love of running with others.

“Club sports are a great way for students to get involved,” said Gregory Jones, Assistant Director of Club Sports.

Club Running is filled with enthusiastic members who enjoy running but don’t feel safe running alone.

“Running is really accessible because all one needs is themselves and maybe a pair of shoes,” said senior communications major Kayla Kanakry.

The Running Club includes around 40 members and is looking to expand. Although there is no specific time and date for club meetings, students are encouraged to keep an eye out for the fliers for more information.

“Students should join this club whether to begin working out or to continue being active, the key factor to this club is motivating one another,” said sophomore Nicola Paerg, President of Club Running.

The running club runs to get outside and enjoy nature, and as a stress-reliever. As far as fitness, they aim for exercise, cardio, strength training,

“Club running is one of the more interesting teams because they don’t compete like the majority of our other teams do, but it’s unique way of getting involved” said Jones.

Students reach out in the Group Me to find other students to run with. The group usually tries to do weekly runs whether it be on the week days or weekends, hoping to see if someone is available that day or schedule a run with others in advance.

“This flexibility with the club allows me to fit the sport I love into my busy schedule,” said junior Ryan Litwin.

Running in an unfamiliar place can be terrifying. This is why members of Club Running prefer running outside than on a treadmill.

“Running in a group motivates you just as much as it protects you,” said Kanakry.

Distant varies between the runners. At most, one will do 5-6 miles. However, the group usually runs 5ks.

“My goals for this club are for students to be active, make new friends, utilize the buddy system, and train for individual or group goals. Most importantly, we motivate each other one step at a time,” said Pareg.

Students are encouraged to join Club Running, whether they love the sport, do it for fun or train for races.

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