New Club Coming Soon: Spoon University

By Fallon Bevino

Staff Reporter

Spoon University, a nationwide food blog for college students, is now starting a chapter at Sacred Heart University.

Their website offers a variety of topics ranging from recipes, tips for eating on a budget and insight on the top food-joints around the country.

According to Business Insider, the food blog is suited for millennials. It offers both local and general articles regarding food, wellness, and lifestyles that aim to cater to the needs and interests of young people.

With chapters at over 200 schools nationwide, Spoon University is comprised of student writers who can provide readers with tricks to navigate the variety of food selections at their university and surrounding area.

“It is the food resource for college students. Contributors write, photograph, and video all things food. It’s much like the Odyssey blogs, but for food,” said sophomore Olivia Mittleman, founder and marketing manager of the Sacred Heart chapter.

Mittleman, a food-enthusiast, came upon the food-blog in the early weeks of her freshman year and instantly fell in love with it.

The site is broken down into seven sections including recipes, drinks, how-to, lifestyle, cities, campuses and healthier. Each section consists of hundreds of articles written by students from schools nationwide.

Adding a chapter at Sacred Heart allows students to join and work with other schools around the country.

“Anyone at SHU can join and contribute to the content that is posted on the SHU Spoon Dashboard. Spoon will enable myself and other students to connect with thousands of other contributors who are just as food-obsessed as myself and many others,” said Mittleman.

Forbes also said the site is more than “yet another foodie publication” thanks to its unique business model.

By placing the power into the hands of the creators, Spoon writers and contributors are free to base their articles on anything they choose.

“I was really excited to hear about the addition of Spoon University to Sacred Heart,” said junior Greg Taylor. “Having a place to find everything from restaurant reviews to five-ingredient recipes will make eating and cooking so much easier.”

It helps those beginning to experience cooking and eating on their own by providing a variety of articles, such as money-saving grocery lists, quick and easy late-night snacks, meal-prep recipes, and more.

“I moved off-campus this year and found that cooking on my own is a lot more time-consuming and harder than I anticipated. When I found out about Spoon University, it quickly became one of my favorite sites to live by,” said junior Jess Dubbioso. “My favorite section of the site is the ‘< 5 Ingredients’ recipes, I use them all the time.”

You can check out Sacred Heart’s Spoon University page at

If interested in becoming a contributor for the Sacred Heart chapter of Spoon U, contact Mittleman by email at, or faculty advisor, Professor Gregory Golda at

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